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‘Cleverman’ Review: Sundance’s Supernatural Series Is Also Racially-Charged

Considering the lack of people who aren’t bleached-white male perfection in superhero roles, there’s something to be said about Sundance’s new series, Cleverman, right off the bat. Set in a dystopian future, the series offers a familiar yet immediately attention-grabbing conceit, with Australia being the setting for egregious segregation that keeps werewolf-like creatures, derogatorily known as "Hairys," in ghetto-like territories set away from more "civilized" homo-sapiens. So, yes, it’s essentially District 9 with werewolves instead of aliens, but then there’s another twist: the Hairys rely on the wisdom of the titular counsel, a title that also brings with it powers to connect to those in the afterlife, heal, and regenerate. And throughout the six episodes of Cleverman, the transition between an elderly cleverman (Jack Charles) and the new one, Koen (Hunter-Page Lochard), is at the center of an intricate, genuinely alluring, and intermittently inventive world. READ MORE...