Review of Cleverman

Wednesdays, 10:00 PM ET on Sundance

60 minutes

In the near future, a group of non-humans battle for survival in a world where humans feel increasingly inferior to them and want to silence, exploit, and kill them.
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Jun 4, 2016 11:23AM EDT

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The tense atmosphere, the talented diverse cast, and the fascinating plot all worked for me, so I'll definitely keep watching this. One of the best things of this show is it explores the rich Aboriginal culture and history in Australia, something I feel is largely untold thus far in mainstream media.

Also, there are many parallels in the experiences of Australian Aboriginal communities in the real world and the "subhumans" in the show, which makes it feel somewhat all too real at times. I could hardly peel my eyes away from the screen. I highly recommend this show to everyone who enjoys a serious drama.


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