Review of Cleverman

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60 minutes

In the near future, a group of non-humans battle for survival in a world where humans feel increasingly inferior to them and want to silence, exploit, and kill them.
by UnknownfearContributor
Oct 4, 2016 8:17PM EDT

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This review is based solely on the pilot episode of "Cleverman" available on Netflix.

The makeup and prosthetics for the race of people known as the "hairies" reminds me vaguely of Syfy's Defiance, except infinitely shittier. It's hard to take the show seriously when you've got these ridiculous werewolf-esque hairy people running around. The show focuses on an alternate world in which the hairy people are living in an area called "the Zone" and being treated poorly. Everything is as you would expect, racial tension, aggressive police, smuggling, blah blah blah -- and then all of a sudden halfway through we get some supernatural stuff, which was actually pretty cool, but also felt extremely random... I can't say the show was bad. It really wasn't terrible ... but those damn hairy people just as a concept and as an execution makes it feel a lot dumber than it actually is. Because of the interesting supernatural stuff towards the end, I'm inclined to watch one more episode to see what direction it takes -- but I can't imagine it being very good.


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