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'Cold Justice' recap: Kathy Taylor

Kelly and Yolanda return to Vigo County, Indiana, to investigate a 39-year-old cold case, which is the oldest case they’ve worked to date. On April 2, 1975, Earl Taylor found his wife, 23-year-old Kathy, dead in the bathtub of an apparent electrocution from a clock radio. There were factors that led the family and police to believe that Earl may have been involved, but they had insufficient evidence at the time. Additionally, Earl says that Kathy had terminal cancer, so it may have been a suicide. Read More... //

'Cold Justice' recap: Alma Noffsinger

Alma Noffsinger, 29-year-old mother of three, was found beaten to death on December 17, 1981. Due to lack of evidence at the time, the case went cold. Newly elected Paulding County Sheriff Jason Landers has reopened Alma’s case 32 years later at the insistence of Alma’s family, and asked Kelly and Yolanda to help. Sheriff Landers was a high school senior at the time of the murder. Due to the nature of the crime and the low murder rate in Paulding, he wants to bring a sense of closure to both the family and the community. Read More... //

'Cold Justice' recap: Robin Stone

Robin Stone of Cambrige, Ohio, was seven months pregnant when she went missing on August 2, 1991. Four months later, the 17-year-old’s skeletal remains and those of her unborn child were found near a lake. As part of the investigation into the disappearance and murder, authorities tried to determine who the father was, but were unable to at the time because Robin was dating more than one boy. Robin also kept a diary—a very honest diary that detailed her relationship with her long-term boyfriend, the number of times they broke up and reconciled, and the other boys she was involved with when she wasn’t with him. Read More... //

'Cold Justice' recap: Kirby's Speed Shop

This week we travel to Columbus, Georgia, to investigate the 10-year-old cold case in the death of William Kirby Smith, owner of Kirby’s Speed Shop. Yolanda and Kelly are talking country accents and good old boys as they head into Georgia, and Kirby Smith definitely was one of those good old boys. NASCAR-loving, dune buggy–driving Smith was killed on March 7, 2004, as he returned to his business after a day with his son. Read More... //

'Cold Justice' recap: Diann Hoelscher

This week we travel to Waller County, Texas, to investigate a cold case involving the 1986 death of Diann Hoelscher. A fashion designer, Diann was last seen on February 4, 1986, when she left her San Antonio home to travel to Houston to sell some high-end fabrics. She never returned. Read More... //

'Cold Justice' premiere recap: Alma Hernandez

Well, hey there, and welcome to my recap of the season 2 premiere of TNT’s  Cold Justice . If you’re new to  Cold Justice , these are the basics: Former Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler and retired CSI Yolanda McClary have teamed up in this show, produced by Dick Wolf (insert Law & Order  “dun dun!” here), to help solve cold cases. Each week they take on a new case with a dedication and skill that puts both of these ladies at the top of their respective fields. Read More... //

Review: Solving the unsolvable on TNT's 'Cold Justice'

In this fascinating real-life procedural, crime fighters use their skills to help re-investigate small town homicide cases and hopefully bring closure to the families of the victims. TNT is positioning the real-life investigative procedural "Cold Justice" as reality TV's version of "Rizzoli & Isles." But the first and perhaps most significant thing Dick Wolf's new true-crime show does is remind us how overly groomed, politically correct and inevitably romantic most scripted crime dramas are, even the good ones, even the gritty ones. Read More... //,0,3356202.story