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Combat Hospital Review: "Do No Harm"

Just when I really got into Combat Hospital , it's over. " Do No Harm " was the season finale and it left us with plenty of compelling story to look forward to. As I watched this episode, I sincerely hoped this wouldn't be the last time I saw Luke Mably's Simon as it's questionable whether the series will be picked up for a second season. I wasn't sure how much potential this character had when I watched the pilot episode but several weeks later, I only want more. Read More... //

Combat Hospital Review: Why Me?

"Reason to Believe" was easily one of the best Combat Hospital 's of the season. From its tense Hurt Locker -like opening with the horror of a bomb disposal gone wrong to its emotional questions of faith, this episode hooked me from moment one and never let go. We found Chaplain Marjorie Plotell having a crisis of faith. Apparently war is hell, even on God. Somehow, as she watched Simon profess his arrogance in his skills as a surgeon, it only made her feel more inadequate.  Simon was in rare form tonight. He labeled Dobbs' pieces of broken vertebrae "annoying" and was sure he could save the use of the man's arms. Thankfully Simon's skill and talent were able to keep up with his ego since it was a surgery he'd never before performed. Read More... //

Combat Hospital Review: Illusions Shattered

" Shifting Sands " threw friendships and loyalties into question as Vans was left with a cold lesson in the realities of war. Vans was naive. Then I'm reminded that he really is just a kid. He wanted to visit the pyramids, and New Year's Eve in Times Square and the girl he met online in New Hampshire. And he couldn't comprehend that someone he trusted and grew up with could be Taliban. But this is a war and war changes people. Read More... //

Combat Hospital Review: "On the Brink"

Combat Hospital asked some very difficult questions in "On the Brink" and I found that I had the answers to none of them. When Bobby made the call to treat the severely burned woman I was a little confused by Will's reaction. Why would he be upset with Bobby for trying to save a woman's life? The distinction of 45% or 50% of a body being burned was a judgement call which meant the difference between months of agonizing treatments or letting the patient die with the least amount of pain possible. Read More... //

Combat Hospital Review: Who Was Reckless?

Who was "Reckless" in tonight's Combat Hospital ? The answers were a little surprising. The biggest of surprise was Bobby Trang. The good doctor always came across as more of a by the book guy but perhaps those tattoos should have been a sign of the reckless streak that lies beneath. Bobby was having sex in the back of a truck with Susie, or at least he would have if work hadn't interrupted. The risk here was that fraternization is seriously frowned upon.   Read More... //

Combat Hospital Review: Lucky Charm

What is luck?  Combat Hospital questioned whether the " Inner Truth " was that lady luck smiles down on us or if we actively make our own. The story of Pvt. Flax was sad and hopeful all at once. Did his good luck really rub off on those around him or was it merely coincidence? And did fortune finally turn from him when he died or did it simply carry his luck to those who got a second chance from his organ donation? Read More... //

Combat Hospital Review: All For Love

Combat Hospital was all about love. What we'll do for it and what it does to us. "Hells Bells" covered it all. Col Marks' phone call with his wife tore him up. He could tell something was weighing on her and expected the worst. Worried about his family while thousands of miles away in a war zone was just an added bit of misery while he was already living in the midst of hell. Read More... //

Combat Hospital Review: "Wrong Place at the Right Time"

I'm thrilled to find out that last week's episode of Combat Hospital wasn't a fluke. After the first two episodes, I was begging for this show to find the intensity of its war zone setting. "Wrong Place at the Right Time" delivered. Benjamin Ayers was brilliant in the guest role of Christian Bettany. He was sympathetic but just strange enough to be scary. I empathized with Bettany's plight yet was completely wary of what might happen when this guy finally snaps. //

Combat Hospital Review: "It's My Party"

Major Rebecca Gordon was hit with some hard lessons on tonight's Combat Hospital and I was thrilled to see it. "It's My Party" gave me what I'd been waiting for from this show…drama.  It finally made me feel something. I had to agree with Rebecca. Yes, discharging her firearm in the shower wasn't the smartest idea but that spider was monstrous. In her shoes, I would have shot it too. Read More... //

Combat Hospital Review: "Enemy Within"

Combat hospital is back for its second episode as the doctors fight the "Enemy Within."  As much as I want to get excited about this show, I'm disappointed to find it rather ordinary. It's not a bad show. In fact, the cast is quite likable. I think I could watch Elias Koteas (Col. Marks) read the phone book and be interested. And Luke Mably's accent alone should be enough to keep me entertained. Read More... //