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Common Law “Gun!” Season Finale Review – After the Fireworks

So that’s it, season one of  Common Law  is over, with an episode called "Gun!", we finally find out what happened on that fateful day when Wes was forced to pull his gun on Travis. After writing my  advance review , I was excited to see the episode again and see what other people thought of it. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who got choked up near the and I’m really happy that it has now aired so I can finally talk about it in detail. Read More... //  

Common Law Season Finale Review: Thank You

If you watched Common Law tonight, you likely screamed " Gun! " at your television on more than one occasion. From finding out what brought our boys to couples therapy, to watching them take down the man responsible for the death of their friend, this episode was certainly one to make you stand up and cheer. Failing to fit in with their new therapy group was likely the best thing that ever happened to these two. Then again, their new therapist needed therapy himself. So it was probably better they got out while they could. Read More... //

Common Law “Gun!” Season Finale Advance Review – Begin at the Beginning

In the first season finale of  Common Law , called appropriately enough "Gun!", we finally found out what it was that  caused Wes to pull his gun on Travis. Advance reviews are always a challenge for me. I’m dying right now to talk about everything thathappens  in this episode scene by scene, but as that would of course spoil everything, I’m going to break this down into three "acts." Act One begins in a place you’d expect after the end of last week’s episode. The boys are working with their new therapist and I’m sure you  can imagine how well that goes. I’m trying to beat back the spoilers with a stick here, but I am going to mention what was shown in the previews for this episode. And that is the fact that Wes and Travis are so desperate to get back to Dr. Ryan that they offer her quite the deal: if she takes them back, they’ll tell her about the incident that brought them to her in the first place. Read More... //  

Common Law (USA) “Hot For Teacher” Review – How Hot is Too Hot?

In this episode of  Common Law , called "Hot for Teacher," the boys  deal with something that has plagued everyone at one time or another – having dreams about the most inappropriate person in your life. But once again, this episode wasn’t all about the comedy that came from the fact that first Wes, and then Travis was having sex dreams about Dr. Ryan. That bit was played out for a few laughs but then things got pretty serious when her fiancé came onto the scene. Once the guys find out that Robert was lying about some of the details involving his attack, they decide that it’s up to them to protect the good doc. Read More... //  

Common Law Review: Just a Dream?

I commented last week that Common Law was fighting an uphill battle when it came to renewal. I thought maybe " Hot For Teacher "would place the show more strongly on that path Season 2, but I'm fairly sure that a majority of this episode did not accomplish that goal. Now the series only has one more episode to prove it’s strong enough to hang with the rest of USA Network’s more well-established heavyweights. Read More... //

Common Law (USA) “In-Laws Vs. Outlaws” Review – Battle of the Mentors

In this episode of  Common Law , called "In-Laws Vs. Outlaws," we get to meet the men that made Travis and Wes into the cops they are today. When a case brings out not only Travis’ mentor Dan, but also Wes’ mentor Fred, it turns into team against team to catch the bad guy. Trouble is, nobody’s really sure who’s on whose team. When Dan tells Travis he really needs the win that solving the case will get him, Travis of course starts fighting for his mentor. But when Wes gets wind of just how bad off Fred is and how he needs this too, it’s mentor and mentee vs. mentor and mentee. Read More... //  

Common Law Review: Waiting for Truth

While " In-Laws vs. Outlaws " was a cute filler episode, Common Law is reaching the point in the season where it needs to start pushing the envelope instead of sealing its fate in a place of uncertainty. Seeing the "ghost[s] of future Wes [and Travis]" was an entertaining concept, the fact it was intertwined with a case whose content was complicated, to say the least, felt a bit like the show biting off more than it could chew. Similarly, I felt like we'd seen Wes and Travis observe each other in a similar manner when they switched wardrobes a few episodes back . I don't think it makes a difference whether Wes and Travis have the potential to transform into their mentors, Fred and Dan, respectively. What matters is that we've done this plot-line before. Read More... //

Common Law (USA) “Odd Couples” Review – More Fighting Leads to More Revelations

In tonight’s episode of  Common Law  called, appropriately enough, "Odd Couples," Travis and Wes are recruited to help out the FBI after a bank robber escapes. While working on the case, the boys end up on a stakeout watching the apartment of a woman writing about said convict. As you can imagine, the guys ending up under the same roof goes over about as well as a lead balloon. Fighting about everything from who should clean the dishes to the temperature in the apartment, the guys once again come off sounding more like a couple than the people they share their therapy sessions with. Wes complains that Travis doesn’t help out enough around the "house," and meanwhile Travis is upset that Wes isn’t supporting him enough. If that doesn’t sound like a marriage then I don’t know what does. Read More... //  

Common Law Review: Testing.....?

Co-habitation, among other activities which require two human beings to interact outside of their profession, will never be their strong suit. And if there's one thing we didn't learn on Common Law this week, it's that Wes and Travis are one among many " Odd Couples " in this world. The explosion of grenades that began this episode had nothing on the bombs that dropped between Wes and Travis during therapy this week. From Travis revealing Wes' tendencies to erupt like a volcano after accumulating a laundry list of complaints, to admitting that his cleanliness at home was a reflection of much deeper psychological significance, a lot came out this weeek. Read More... //

Common Law Review: And Hudson Makes Three

Last episode Wes and Travis shared their identities . This hour of Common Law found the buddy cops sharing " Joint Custody "of an adorable narcotics pooch named Hudson. After a week on hiatus, it sure was good to have our boys back on Friday night television! As much as I want to give the show credit for giving the concept of these two sharing a dog almost akin to sharing joint custody of a child the old college try, I wasn't particularly impressed with its execution or resolution in the end. It was obvious they were going to come into taking care of the canine and that in the end they would have developed a sincere attachment to it. Read More... //