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  • 44 episodes
    44 episodes
    • s1e44Apple to Pull Out of Macworld
    • s1e43Will WiMAX Finally Fly?
    • s1e42Seinfeld Sacked?
    • s1e41Is McCain an Ignotech?
    • s1e40Bye Bye, Billy!
    • s1e39Bloggers vs. Journos, Part II
    • s1e38iPhone Mania!
    • s1e37Google Aids S.F. Homeless, and Comcast will Stop Spamming You--for $2
    • s1e36Cyber-Bullying
    • s1e35Google Must Die
    • s1e34Hackers Boot Linux on iPhone
    • s1e33Obama's Web Reach Expands
    • s1e32Facebook Spammer Slammed
    • s1e31New York Times Faked
    • s1e30Google/Yahoo Ad Deal Off
    • s1e29iPhone Legally Unlocked
    • s1e28Net Radio's Future
    • s1e27Apple's New Notebooks
    • s1e26Net Neutrality--a U.S. Problem?
    • s1e25Tech Consolidation Looming
    • s1e24Apple's Upgraded iPods
    • s1e23CrankyGeeks on Security
    • s1e22Google's Chrome Browser
    • s1e21The Future of Journalism
    • s1e20USB 3 Coming
    • s1e19The Disappointment of Wi-Fi
    • s1e18A Redesigned iPhone?
    • s1e17Cuil--A Google Competitor
    • s1e16TV Prices Plummeting
    • s1e15iPhone Glitches
    • s1e14The Future of Tech Journalism
      July 9, 2008
    • s1e13Google's Android Developer Challenge
    • s1e12Open Cloud Manifesto
    • s1e11Microsoft's New Yahoo! Plans, 38 Charged in Phishing Scheme, HP Sets Sights on Teen Tech
    • s1e10is the 3G iPhone Imminent? Is Google Paying for Android Support?
    • s1e9OLPC May Abandon Open Source, Web Attacks Taking Off, Netflix Eyes Set-Top Boxes
    • s1e8Will Microsoft Bail on Yahoo!?
    • s1e7Web 2.0 Conference, Ballmer Slams Vista, and Are Mac Clones for Real?
    • s1e6Blockbuster to Buy Circuit City, Tech Patent Bill in Trouble, and Linux Subnotebooks
    • s1e5Yahoo! Wants a Better Offer, EU Allows Mobile Phones on Planes, and Is Windows 7 On Tap?
    • s1e4Google's Bogus Warning
    • s1e3Sarah Lacy's Take on the South by Southwest Conference
    • s1e2Japanese ISPs to Ban File Sharers, China Blocks YouTube, and Botnet Scams Explode
    • s1e1iPhone Open for Busines, FCC May Take On Comcast, and Are Anonymous Net Posts Illegal?