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The Omen Is Getting a Prequel, Only 40 Years Later

The original starring Gregory Peck came out in 1976.   Read More... //

If the Prequel toThe Omen Isn't a Satanic Sex Ed Film, Why Bother?

Current A&E drama Damien picks up where The Omen ended, fast-forwarding to cast the Antichrist as a 30-year-old New Yorker whos rediscovering his demonic destiny. Its an uneven show . But Satans pop-culture moment surges forth with the announcement that an Omen prequel movie is now in the works.   Read More... //

Here Are the Most Ridiculous Things That Happened on This Week'sDamien

Nearly everything that happens on Damien is utterly ridiculous. But weve narrowed it down to the three most WTF-did-that-just-happen moments. Par for the course when youre dealing with the Antichrist, the type of guy who can inspire spontaneous self-castration among those in his midst.  Read More...     //

A Bad Omen: A Review of A&Es Damien

When I was a kid, there were a number of films that could genuinely scare me: The Haunting (the original Robert Wise version), The Innocents, The Uninvited. These were all films that dealt in the shadows; that tantalized and scared us with what might be hidden in that half open closet in the bedroom versus what actually was. The filmmakers who made these groundbreaking thrillers were hip to one key rule of horror and that is that our imagination is often times more frightening than the man in the rubber monster suit who jumps out and shouts boo!   Read More... //

‘Damien’ Review: ‘The Omen’ Gets a Grim, Dull Retelling from A&E and Glen Mazzara

As far as classic scary movies go, The Omen is actually one of the more tame of the bunch. There isn’t a potent sense of dread – the kind that seeps into your bones and joints – like John Carpenter‘s Halloween, nor is there the wild, imaginative brashness of Wes Craven‘s A Nightmare on Elm Street, anchored as it was by a bloodthirsty harlequin who can enter your dreams. The Omen is more akin to something like The Excorcist, in that it’s as much a taught dramatic thriller as it is supernatural horror; both films are focused on the future and temperament of children, as well as the effects of legacy on the psychology of youths. The films are also both punctuated by acts of violence, but whereas The Exorcist is far more personal, even intimate, in its views on religion, The Omen is a far more broad narrative conception, an entertaining but thematically thin depiction of the coming of the Anti-Christ. READ MORE...

Damien: "The Beast Rises" Review

The Omen has now become the latest in a long line of venerable horror franchises (Psycho, Scream, The Evil Dead) to find new life on the small screen. Damien also taps into the recent craze of releasing sequels to classic films decades down the line. This new series picks up roughly 25 years after the events of the original 1976 film (wisely pretending the various sequels never happened) and explores what happens when the Antichrist comes of age in the modern world. It's not a bad premise, though the show never really seems sure of its own identity in this pilot episode. Damien is the brainchild of Glenn Mazzara, who was a writer on The Shield and served as showrunner for The Walking Dead in that tumultuous post-Frank Darabont period. If Mazzara wasn't necessarily the driving force behind those projects, at least he still brings an impressive resume to the table. There's a definite competence and even a certain sense of cinematic style to this episode. It helps that Elizabeth director Shekhar Kapur was tapped to direct the pilot. Kapur has a love for high camera angles and unusual framing choices that help create a sense of sweeping drama. READ MORE...

'Damien' premiere react: The 6 craziest moments

Including dog- and mud-induced deaths ... Read More... //

Damien Series Premiere Review: Hell No, Bro

A+E's long-developing sequel to The Omen was definitely not worth the wait.   Read More... //

Damien Recap: Was A&E's Omen Continuation 'All for You'?

The Antichrist walks into a church No, thats not the opening line of a terrible standup comedy set, but it does describe the beginning and the end (see what I did there) of the pilot for A&Es new drama series Damien, a continuation of the 1976 horror classic The Omen. Damien finds the demon spawn [] //

Damien Season 1 Episode 1 Review: The Beast Rises

Well, after the three days Damien had, I'd probably throw up after looking at myself in the mirror, too. I've only seen Damien Season 1 Episode 1 , but so far, so good. It's got my attention. There isn't any doubt who Damien is. He's the kid from The Omen. I not only recognize him from his previous journey, but want to know what's next. That link between the story that was and what will be makes it interesting. Mind you, I have no idea if the setting is supposed to be 2001, when Damien would have really been turning 30, or if we're just skipping around to present. I don't care. I'm still on board.   Read More... //