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30 minutes

Ricky Parker had the perfect life. A former professional baseball player, he was married to Isabella, the love of his life. Ricky's world comes crashing down when Isabella passes away leaving him to raise three daughters alone. "Date My Dad" picks up three years later while Ricky is raising the girls with the help of his live-in mother-in-law, Rosa. When Rosa unexpectedly announces that she is moving, Ricky becomes panic-stricken knowing he will have to tackle everything from make-up to boys to driving on his own. His daughters - Mirabel (15), Elisa (13) and Gigi (10) - decide that on his 40th birthday, he needs to get out there and start dating again. Ricky is in for a roller coaster ride as he is pushed into the dating world for the first time in twenty years with his girls giving him advice along the way.

Episode Guide

10 episodes

  • 10 episodes
    10 episodes
    • s1e10Graduation
      July 28, 2017
    • s1e9Family Memories
      July 21, 2017
    • s1e8Moving On
      July 14, 2017
    • s1e7Think Before You Type
      July 7, 2017
    • s1e6Bingo!
      June 30, 2017
    • s1e5The Outfit
      June 23, 2017
    • s1e4Appearances
      June 16, 2017
    • s1e3Sacrifice Fly
      June 9, 2017
    • s1e2But I Really Like the Kids
      June 2, 2017
    • s1e1Pilot
      June 2, 2017