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Recap Degrassi The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 6 - The Mating Game

The episode opens in Ms. Kwan's English cIass. Ashley is showing Terri what she got Jimmy for their anniversary. It is a silver chain that has the letter A (for Ashley) and a J (for Jimmy). Ashley worries over whether Jimmy will like it but Terri assures her that it's perfect for him. Ashley glances at her boyfriend, who smiles back at her. Things seem perfectly blissful between Degrassi's own Romeo and Juliet... minus the double suicide attempts, of course. Ah, but English cIass is about to shake all that up. Ms. Kwan is teaching (this is school after all!) and assigns a project to help the students understand Shakespearean language. She breaks them into groups. Jimmy is chosen to play Romeo, but it's not Ashley who will be practicing all those romantic scenes with him. And it's not even Terri. Nope it's Paige, the worst person Ms. Kwan could have chosen to pair with Ashley's boyfriend. And boy is Paige smug about it. Ashley isn't thrilled to learn she's playing the nurse, especially since Paige won't stop quoting Juliet's lines and rubbing it in her face. What a perfect excuse to steal a boyfriend. After all, Ashley, it's what Paige does best. Just ask Terri. Meanwhile, J.T. and Toby are in Media Immersion talking about the impending arrival of Dr. Sally, otherwise known as the "sex lady." Sadly, she's just there to talk to the 8th graders no underclassmen allowed. J.T. is annoyed and no one puts it better than him. "It's totally unfair. I heard that she brings like props. And she gets graphic. As in, pornographic. Eighth graders get all the luck." While he sulks, Mr. Simpson calls the class to order and reminds them that they are to begin building a website on an animal of their choice. Emma decides to do hers on an endangered turtle from the South Pacific. As Mr. S talks about the project, Toby falls into a dream-like state, watching Emma. From his viewpoint, she appears to move in slow motion, tossing her pretty blonde hair and crinkling those beautiful blue eyes. Toby's got it bad for the girl. His daydream is interrupted by Sean who comes up to him to thank him for borrowing his notes. He snaps out of it, trying to hide his crush from his friends. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now