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'Detroit 1-8-7': The godfather settles all family business

I was never hooked on   "Detroit 1-8-7,"  but I liked certain aspects of the show - the location filming, Michael Imperioli's performance, the Longworth/Mahajan partnership - enough to keep checking in now and again. The finale focused a little too heavily on an aspect of the show I didn't love (Fitch vs. his evil super-nemesis ) and had to fudge some logic to get where it was going (surely, there are records of border crossings), but I did like the material about the different partnerships, and the return of Fitch's love of calling people he could speak to directly.   Read More.... //

DETROIT 187 “Motor City Blues” Review

DETROIT 1-8-7  "Motor City Blues" Episode  17 – First off, to all the  Daemon’s TV  fans of  Detroit 1-8-7 who gave me a glimmer of hope that Detective Stone might still be alive … You’re banned. All of you. Banned! No more  Daemon’s TV  for you! Just kidding. Stone’s dead, and I simply have to deal with it. The small comfort I have is that you all have to deal with it too. I liked the opening montage of "Motor City Blues," with Gnarls Barkley’s "Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?" playing through the various scenes of people coping with the aftermath of Stone’s death. It seemed the only person who wasn’t trying to deal with it or reflect on it in some way was Fitch, and really … He’s not exactly "Grief Counselor" material, a fact that Sanchez still hasn’t apparently realized. Read More... //

DETROIT 187 “Legacy/Drag City” Review

DETROIT 187 "Legacy / Drag City" Episode 15 – When I saw the guest-star list last week I started salivating early, looking forward to this episode. Why? "Omar’s comin’." Okay, sure, there’s no Omar on Detroit 1-8-7 . But the superb Michael Kenneth Williams, who played the revenge-driven vigilante Omar on five seasons of HBO’s The Wire , was guest-starring as Clarence Warrenton, a parolee who shows up at the precinct and confesses to two murders. And I wasn’t going to miss that. Omar wouldn’t like it if I missed it. And I generally try not to do things that Omar wouldn’t like. Half-kidding Omar-worship aside, I was truly curious how this would go down. A colleague and I recently had a discussion about whether or not Williams had any real skill beyond the "Omar" type of character; Williams also plays a man named Chalky White in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire , a role which my colleague basically called "Omar in a fancy suit," citing this as proof of a lack of range. I countered by pointing out he’d played the role of Thief in Joe Penhall’s grim adaptation of Cormack McCarthy’s The Road – a role in which Williams basically played the most cowardly man ever. Read More... //

DETROIT 187 “Beaten/Cover Letter” Review

DETROIT 1-8-7 "Beaten / Cover Letter" Episode 14 – Moving away from the star of a show can be a source of trouble for most television dramas (see my latest review of Harry’s Law for a few stellar examples of that quagmire). Detroit 1-8-7 did so with its latest episode, shuffling Fitch (the smooth Michael Imperioli) into a quasi-background role even in the murder investigation he was assigned to. Sure, he got chased – both literally and figuratively – by the returned Special Agent Jess Harkins (a foxlike Megan Dodds), but for the most part he stood back … and he got by with a little help from his friends. I suppose the answer varies show to show, since this time it allowed some of the background players to have a broader swath of real estate in the spotlight. See, this blows up in your face if your supporting cast sucks eggs. But if you have quality acting (and Detroit 1-8-7 seems to have plenty of it), then what you get is sweet serendipity. Read More... //

DETROIT 187 “Road to Nowhere” Episode 13

DETROIT 1-8-7 "Road to Nowhere" Episode 13 – My mood wasn’t at its best when I clicked on ABC five minutes prior to the start of Detroit 1-8-7 and was made to watch the last few minutes of what is possibly the network’s worst show, V . What a tragic waste of Morena Baccarin. ( Firefly 4 life, yo.) But the mood was lifted once Detroit 1-8-7 started rolling. Kick it off where the lead character is immediately accused of killing a well-respected man who had just received the key to the city. Add to that a mystery homicide in which a three people were murdered on a bus with no driver, no witnesses, and surrounded by a half-million dollars in loose bills scattered all around it. And jack THAT up by revealing the money had been on the bus for the sole purpose of paying off the ransom of a kidnapped seven-year old girl … and the clock is now ticking faster as (obviously) the kidnappers have yet to receive their payment …  //

DETROIT 187 “Ice Man/Malibu” Review

This week’s episode of Detroit 187 centered around two people that at first glance seemed to be exact opposites of each other. One was a hollywood star in town filming a movie, something that has become increasingly popular in Detroit with the tax advantages the State of Michigan has offered Hollywood. The second person was a homeless man found encased in a block of ice in an old, vacant building. However, as the detectives soon found out, both deceased persons had "fallen" from what they once were. It wasn’t hard to guess that an A-list Hollywood star’s downfall would be drugs. However, in typical Detroit 187 fashion, the writers threw in the twist that Kirsten had decided to go back into rehab, which is what ultimately led to her death. It was not all that surprising that her production assistant was involved as he was one of the first to talk about how people hated her, but the murder was not really hate driven. Also, that bracelet? It did not remotely look unisex to me. As I found myself chuckling when the director and producer were basically so nonchalant about their star’s death and more concerned with the studio and the fact that the movie was going to be shut down, I thought about how realistic that seemed. How sad is it that someone only cares about you for the money you bring them, or in the case of her "sober coach", how much they pay you? No one really cared for Kirsten. To Read More Click Here.

DETROIT 187 “Shelter” Review

When I first saw ads on ABC for this show, I was interested in watching but never got to check it out. So when I saw that it was available this week for review, I decided to take the opportunity and give it a shot. What I found was that this show, unlike some dramas I’ve seen, doesn’t just concentrate on one case at a time. For me, this kept things moving pretty well, especially considering that Detroit 187 doesn’t have a lot of fancy bells and whistles that other procedurals do. I particularly enjoyed the fact that when giving the team of detectives a breakdown of how the young woman died, a dry erase board and some markers were used. No fancy special effects showing internal organs exploding with blood, just a good old-fashioned line drawing did the trick just as well. Not that I don’t like the other shows for doing all that stuff, it was just nice to see it another way. In one case, a woman is killed and her baby was taken from her womb. The child was delivered before term but still possibly alive. The team on the case isn’t just looking for a killer, now they have to find a missing baby. I expected the entire episode to be about them tracking down the infant, so when they find it safe and sound with its father, I liked that the mystery still remained of what happened to the mother. To Read More Click Here.

DETROIT 187 “Home Invasion; Drive By” Review

As usual, the show dealt with two separate homicides, a home invasion and a drive by. The home invasion was of a former auto executive in a wealthier neighborhood while the drive by was of an eleven year old child in a poorer neighborhood. Therefore, I was surprised to find that the murders were linked. Once the team realized the same gun was used in both instances and only days apart, I wondered what the motive could possibly be. I think the fact that the woman that killed her husband and then just buried the gun in the field across the street from their house led to the little boy being shot in a drive by was brilliant. Although I am not sure she would have caved and confessed as quickly as she did, the utter horror on her face once she realized that her selfish act of trying to get rid of her husband ultimately ended a young person’s life was terrific. That scene was played quite well and I know Fitch was proud of Washington at that point. I liked the tenuous chain that linked the two murders because you read about these things all of the time. Guns are discarded and then found by someone else who uses them for another crime. Another thing I enjoyed about this episode was watching Washington grow into the job. I felt that he actually became a "real" detective this episode. The death of that eleven year old boy, who could be his son in the future, really hit him hard. Then the mounting frustration when no one in the neighborhood would talk for fear of retaliation, I think made him realize just how bad it is out there. I almost cheered when he yelled at the gathering crowd that if they wanted to be mad about something, they should be mad about the death of the child and not the fact that the police were arresting one of their own to try to solve the murder. Unfortunately, becoming a detective and seeing these things night after night takes a toll on a person. This is already occuring with Washington who snaps at his wife for leaving their baby in the hands of strangers for their date night. I am sure police officers and detectives go through this conflict every day. When you see the most horrible events occur before you, how do you separate that from your own personal life? To Read More Click Here.

DETROIT 187 “Deja Vu; All In” Review

Again, the writers are doing a good job of providing excellent murder plots that are never quite what they seem. First, Washington, Fitch, Sanchez and Stone investigate a murder with no body, but a heck of a lot of blood. Their investigation reveals that the teen was a drug runner to and from Canada for a local business man. He also had an accomplice, another teenager with a shady family past. It was right about here that things started to spin in different directions. The end result, though, was harrowing. At first I thought Trevor’s grandfather was great for sticking up for his grandson and putting his foot down. However, in the end, after Trevor had overdosed and died and all his grandfather could say was "More honorable than surrender", I began to see that he was doing anything but looking out for his grandson’s best interests. He killed a kid just to show his grandson and the others "how to be a man" and "how to treat a traitor"? Unbelievable. The sad thing is, it seemed that some of the kids were really good kids. The deceased, Seth, just wanted out to get back to school and on the right path, something the grandfather should have been encouraging. Rather, as Fitch said, he was living in the past with The Purple Gang and forcing his expectations and lifestyle on kids that were easily manipulated and then, later, coerced. To Read More Click Here.

DETROIT 187 “Broken Engagement/Trashman” Review

This week’s episode of Detroit 187 had a little bit of switching up of the detective pairings. While Mahajan attempted to get a scared and conficted witness to testify in an important case, Fitch offered up Washington to ride with Longford for his murder investigation. Fitch of course is paired with Stone and Sanchez in their murder investigation. Doesn’t it seem like that is the case even when Fitch has Washington with him? I guess since the focus is only on two murders per week, with six detectives, two are bound to be tagalongs. The good thing about the Washington/Longford pairing is that it actually helped Washington come to the realization that Fitch liked him and that he wants to partner with Fitch too. Both Washington and Longford have plenty to say about the annoying things their partners do, but Longford was right in saying that another man’s wife is always attractive. Do you really want a person that can’t stop talking paired with someone who cannot stand talking? It was very poignant when Longford told Washington that he was a lot like Fitch or that Fitch recognized some of himself in Washington. I think Longford is on to something there. I also think Washington is just looking for Fitch’s approval and lashing out because he doesn’t think he is getting it. How happy did he look at the end when Fitch said it was weird riding without him? To Read More Click Here.