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Freeform Gets Dirty with "Dirty Monday," An All-Day "Dirty Dancing" Marathon, on August 21

The film can also been viewed on the Freeform app and through the entire month of August.  ....Read More... //

Dirty Dancing Did Not Give Viewers Time of Their Lives: Worst Remake Ever

If its not broken, why try to fix it? A lot of fanshave a major bone to pick with ABCs new TV musical version of the beloved 1987 classic movie Dirty Dancing, which originally starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Wednesday nights remake, featuring Colt Prattes and Abigail Breslin, had peopleairingcomplaints on Twitter, and the results are nothing short of hilarious. Some viewers thought up ways other remakes could ruin an original. Titanic remake: Jack lives!!! one user tweeted. Others were nearly speechless, simply saying that ABCs version was the worst remake ever. ...Read More... //

Dirty Dancing: 20 Burning Questions About ABC's Curious Remake (Including That Bizarre Ending)

If youre reading this, Id like to congratulate you on making it through ABCs musicalDirty Dancingremake. I know the journey was perilous, soI intend to reward you handsomely for your courage. But Im not technically here to review the movie. (For that, you can consult Kim Roots A+ write-up of thisD- movie, in which she [] //

Fans Loath ABC's 'Dirty Dancing' Remake - See the Hilarious Memes

The TV reimagining of 1987's beloved film seemingly does not live up to fans' expectation as some Twitter users begin to tweet hilarious and wild memes, making fun of the remake. ...Read More... //

Why Dirty Dancing Star Colt Prattes Was Terrified to Deliver Patrick Swayzes Classic Line

Theres no question that Colt Prattes had the time of his life shootingDirty Dancing, ABCs musical remake of the Oscar-winning 1987 film. Prattes a relative unknown whose biggest previous credit was the music video for Pinks Try playsJohnny Castle, the role originally playedby the late Patrick Swayze. The new versionairs Wednesday and also stars Abigail Breslin as Baby (Jennifer Greys character), with Sarah Hyland, Debra Messing, Katey Sagal, Nicole Scherzinger, Bruce Greenwood and Billy Dee Williams rounding out the cast. ...Read More... //

Why Abigail Breslin "Sobbed" After Recreating Dirty Dancing's Iconic Lift

She did the lift! Quick, when you hear Dirty Dancing what's the first thing you think of? We bet it's the iconic lift, right? 30 years later, Johnny lifting Baby at the end of... ...Read More... //

ABC's Dirty Dancing Remake: 8 Major Changes From the Original Movie

Welcome back to Kellerman's, where there's been some light renovations since your last visit. ABC's Dirty Dancing remake premiered on Wednesday night, bringing the summer... ...Read More... //

How Matthew McConaughey Helped Dirty Dancing Remake Star Lose 20 Lbs.

Prepare to fall in love with a new Johnny Castle. Taking on the Dirty Dancing role Patrick Swayze made iconic in the 1987 film is no easy task, and it's made even harder when you need...   ...Read More... //

Dirty Dancing: ABC's '80s Reboot Feels out of Step in 2017

  I wish I could tell you that any preemptive eye-rolling you're doing over ABC's Dirty Dancing remake wasn't warranted. We tend to take ownership of era-defining films like this '80s classic, after all. Nearly everyone of a certain age can remember trying to recreate Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey 's ... ...Read More...   //

ABC's Dirty Dancing Remake Will Reveal What Happened to Baby and Johnny After the Original Movie Ended

They'll always have that summer. Break out your dancing shoes and put down your watermelons because ABC's Dirty Dancing is here! The network's three-hour remake is set to... ...Read More... //