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Dirty Dancing Remake is More Proof Patrick Swayze Needs to be Left Alone

Thank God it’s over. That’s all I can say. You might remember about a month ago I wrote how absolutely wrong it was that Dirty Dancing would be remade into an awful TV movie starring Abigail Breslin. I said it back then and I’m happy to say it now, it’s horrible. I stuck to my guns and didn’t watch one second of this flop. All I did was smile and read all the horrible reviews. I mean seriously. Did anyone even remotely think this would be pulled off? No offense to Abigail Breslin here but she hasn’t been good in pretty much anything since Little Miss Sunshine. Let’s face it, she’s no star and she’s certainly no Frances Houseman either. Jennifer Gray should have been stewing. READ MORE...

The Highs and Lows of Dirty Dancing

Is there any harsher indictment than a passionless remake? ....Read More... //

ABCs Dirty Dancing is a good-natured musical remake

Competing with the legacy of Patrick Swayze is no easy feat, especially when it comes to Dirty Dancing. But Broadway actor Colt Prattes holds his own as Johnny Castle in the good-natured ABC remake of the unabashedly romantic 1987 blockbuster that co-starred Jennifer Grey. In the three-hour TV movie premiering Wednesday night, Prattes, sporting an... ...Read More... //

Review: ABCs Perspiration-Free Dirty Dancing

Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes star in a television remake of Dirty Dancing, the unexpected hit from 1987. ...Read More...

Dirty Dancing: Apparently You Can't Have the Time of Your Life Again

Nobody should try to put Baby in a corner in a three-hour TV movie. ...Read More... //

ABC's Dirty Dancing Remake Review

ABC's Dirty Dancing Remake Review ...Read More... //

Dirty Dancing Review: You Won't Have the Time of Your Life With ABC Remake

The original Dirty Dancing was no paragon of cinematic excellence, but boy, does it look like Swan Lake next to The Hokey Pokey that is ABCs remake of the 1987 film. If you never saw the Patrick Swayze-Jennifer Grey version, you might like this made-for-TV movie. If you tend to enjoy watching minor characters in [] //