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Dirty Jobs Review, by Pam Gelman of CommonSense

Mike Rowe may seem like the least likely person to get messy. He's sung with the Baltimore opera, sold jewelry on QVC, and worked for years as the host of a local TV show about the San Francisco Bay Area. In fact, it was while working on that show that he did a segment on a local dirty job, found a niche, pitched it to the Discovery Channel, and -- voilá! -- DIRTY JOBS was born. The series may make some viewers uncomfortable, but those with an iron stomach will enjoy watching Rowe and his cameraman, Troy Paff, meet the amazing men and women who work in some pretty disgusting-yet-important vocations. Rowe has donned his work clothes to feed slop made from Las Vegas leftovers to hogs, help catch rattlesnakes, work with septic-tank technicians, remove bones from fish, and much more. Rowe's nonstop, sarcastic one-liners are a large component of the show -- they help him get through his experiences. For example, when pouring spoiled milk to pigs, a farmer shares a story about once giving them fermented ice cream, which got the pigs drunk. Rowe's reply? "Sure, might as well have a shot before going off to meet your maker." To read the rest of this review, visit Dirty Jobs