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Doctor Who: "Thin Ice" Review

Last week it was to the future for the Doctor and Bill, but with this week’s episode the new friends have wound up more than 200 years in the past. For Bill, who’s still finding her TARDIS legs as a companion, a mere couple of centuries is more than enough time to drive home how much London, and society, will change by the time she’s born. But even more alarmingly for her, she’s also getting a better sense of who the Doctor is… and what he’s capable of. "Thin Ice" takes the opportunity to visit an actual historical event, specifically the "Frost Fairs" that would pop up on the Thames during the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries when the river would occasionally freeze. The TARDIS, "bad girl" that she is, arrives at the last of these fairs in 1814, when, yes, an elephant walked across the river. But that’s not the only giant creature doing the bidding of man during this particular moment of London’s past… This third episode of Season 10 follows the pattern established by the previous two installments with a one-off adventure that feels in some ways like old-school Who, with a monster and a (relatively) easy problem to solve therein, while also adding a bit of complex thematic shading to the proceedings. Here, as Bill wades deeper into the exciting insanity of the Doctor’s lifestyle, she also realizes that it’s not all fun and games and stealing pies. Ah yes, the life lessons of a companion. READ MORE...

Doctor WhoIs on One Hell of a Streak Lately

Doctor Who s tenth season is only four episodes in, but I cant remember the last time the show hit the ground running as well it has this season. Weve had great chemistry between Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie, great fun, and now in this weekends episode, Knock Knock, we got the rest of the perfect Who formula: a ...Read More... //

Doctor Who Recap: This Old House

Knock Knock is the first truly duff episode of the season. ...Read More... //

Doctor Who "Knock, Knock" Recap

Doctor Who "Knock, Knock" Recap ...Read More... //

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 5 Review: Knock Knock

Over the years, Doctor Who has excelled at turning the ordinary into the extraordinarily creepy: statues, shadows, cracks... Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 5 added creaky floorboards to the ever-growing list. Throw in an old house, alien beetles, and a very sad story and you have a recipe for even more nightmare fodder. David Suchet, probably most well know for playing Agatha Christie's fictional Belgian detective Hercule Poirot between 1989 and 2013, gave an excellent turn as The Caretaker. ...Read More...

Doctor Who Recap: The Frost Fair

Thin Ice is a brilliantly cracking yarn about racism, climate change, income inequality. ...Read More... //

Doctor Who "Thin Ice" Recap: Steven Moffat Answers Our Burning Questions

Doctor Who "Thin Ice" Recap: Steven Moffat Answers Our Burning Questions ...Read More... //

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 3 Review: Thin Ice

With a history as long and complex as Doctor Who has, each episode can become something of a trial for writers: acknowledging past adventures while simultaneously crafting a new and intriguing story. Unfortunately, Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 3 really strayed too far into whole plot references to be altogether enjoyable for its own sake. ...Read More...

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 2 Review: Smile

The Doctor took Bill on her first official adventure as a companion, and naturally they encountered a life-threatening situation in Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 2 . At first, "Smile" bore some superficial resemblance to a Seventh Doctor serial called "The Happiness Patrol," which saw a world on which happiness was the law (enforced, naturally, in a fascist manner). Then there was the Big Twist, which actually proved both strangely sad and simultaneously face-palm worthy (a truly impressive feat). ...Read More...

Doctor Who Recap: The One with the Emojibots

The trip to humankinds future in Smile is a feast for the eyes. ...Read More... //