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I just checked IMDB, APRIL 5TH! I'm so hyped.

Oh my, Oh my...

...oh my, Oh my, Oh My, OH MY! This is acting! I'm just - stunned - startled - surprised - yes, even shocked! I always thought, television series were at best entertaining; you could get carried away by the story, but the acting would be upper end of mediocre at best. And then came this show! Well - actually - this episode: The Unquite Dead - Season 1 Episode 3. I can't tell you what exactly was so stunning about the performance - was it Eve Myles who just looked ravishing and acted like she came right out of the 19th century or was it The Doctor alias Christopher Eccleston who is so much the freaky, geeky alien guy, you can almost see the antennas? Or was it Simon Callow who made Charles Dickens become alive like he'd jumped into the fountain of youth? Or was it just that British accent I'm in love with? I don't know. But what I know is - since I watched that episode, you can officially call me a Doctor Who fan, no kidding.

One of the best Series, EVER.

Well, the title says it all. It's not that's it fresh, or even all that new, but you must remember, it just had it's 44th birthday! Yes, ladies and gents, it's been around since the day after JFK's assassination in 1963. Of course, it was taken off air in 1989, but it's since been reconstituted into one of the most popular shows in Great Britain today. The Doctor Is a time-and space-traveling Timelord, 903 years of age, who likes to surround himself with pretty girls and danger. He also carries with him a heavy burden of guilt, a sonic screwdriver, and travels in a TARDIS, last one in existence, which resembles a 1960's police box. Does that about sum it up? No, but it will do. just try it out. I promise you won't be dissapointed. I recommend as a starter episode 'Blink' or the two parter, 'The Empty Child and the Doctor Dances' 5/5