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Doctor Who Christmas Special Review: The Husbands of River Song

It's Christmastime, which means we were treated to a Doctor Who Christmas special! And after the rather down-beat ending to Season 9, "The Husbands of River Song" is a cheerful and at times heart-ful counterpoint. Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 13 serves as something of a bookend to the story of Alex Kingston's River, with what is possibly her final appearance on the series. The character has been somewhat controversial since her introduction, to say the least. Suffice to say, if you don't like River Song, you probably won't like this story. Happily, I do like her, and I enjoyed this story very much!   Read More...

'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Review: River's Holiday Return

The Doctor Who Christmas Special has become something of a tradition for sci-fi fans as a nice way to close out the holiday. With "The Husbands of River Song," which is Peter Capaldi's second Chris... //

Doctor Who Season Finale Recap: Duty of Care

  One aspect of Steven Moffats writing that doesnt get nearly enough praise is its unpredictability. In any given season, people develop theories about what will happen. Sometimes, in the broadest sense, a few folks correctly call a thing or two ahead of time. But nobody, anywhere on the planet, in any corner of the world that this show is viewed in, predicted that this season would end with Clara and Ashildr/Me flying off into time and space in a diner-shaped TARDIS. Nobody. Like so many of Moffats season enders, Hell Bent is a highly operatic and deeply emotional affair. This may be putting too fine a point on it, but it seems likely your feelings on Hell Bent will largely hinge on whether or not youve been a fan of Clara Oswald, and if her character development and story arcs over the past three seasons have resonated with you.   Read More... //

'Doctor Who' recap: 'Hell Bent'

The Doctor can't go home again, but he tries.   Read More... //

Doctor Who Season 9 Finale Review: Run, You Clever Girl

"Hell Bent" was a very satisfying ending to a strong season that tied up both Clara's and the Doctor's season-long arcs while also leaving the door open for the future.   Read More... //

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 12 Review: Hell Bent

To call this episode jam-packed is a serious, serious understatement. Though I have to say, Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 12 did not at all go the way I was expecting. Of course, Steven Moffat is notorious for messing with expectations, so I shouldn't be surprised. There is a significant subset of Whovians who are, shall we say, not fans of Clara Oswald, claiming that her turn as Companion transformed Doctor Who into The Clara Oswald Show. Turns out, they're actually not far wrong, from an in-universe perspective.   Read More...   //

Doctor Who Finale Hell Bent Among Top-Rated Episodes Of UKs Season 9

Hell Bent , the final episode of Doctor Who s regular 9th season, grabbed a 21.5 share in the 8PM slot on BBC One Saturday night. While early overnight viewing figures put it at 4.8M, the numbers were slightly inflated by a runover of Strictly Come Dancing which was the top program of the day, according to Doctor Who News. When the precise timing is taken into account, Hell Bent is expected to drop to 4.47M. This is the official finale of Season 9 ahead of the Christmas...   Read More... //

Review: 'Doctor Who' is 'Hell Bent' on saying goodbye to a great character

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Hell Bent," the season finale of "Doctor Who," starring Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Maisie Williams.   Read More... //

The Doctor Who Finale Had Such a Great Ending, I Forgive Everything

I had some mixed feelings about tonights episode of Doctor Who . The plot of the episode (and the season) felt severely half-baked, to say the least, and great moments intermingled freely with a certain amount of WTF. But that ending? Was the greatest. That ending retroactively made the whole thing great.   Read More...     //


And so the underlying themes of this season come to the forefront in the excellent penultimate episode of Season 9, "Heaven Sent," as the Doctor finds himself being stalked by Death itself. His opening narration says as much, that one day we all will notice a second shadow next to our own... And that is exactly what happens to the Doctor here. Over and over and over again. But we’ll get to that mind-blowing cycle in a second. First, let’s talk about the one-man performance from Peter Capaldi that powers this episode. Here we have the Doctor in the rare position of not being in control, and of being terrified in fact. Perhaps it’s that lack of control that terrifies him, actually? He says here that he’s just realized that he’s actually scared of dying, but I don’t think that’s the truly scary part of his predicament for him. And really, wasn’t it a lack of control that led to Clara’s death last week? She wasn’t his assistant anymore but a surrogate Doctor in her own right, and as such she made a grave error that not even Twelve could get her out of. READ MORE...