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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 11 Review: “Heaven Sent”

Last season, Doctor Who was an extremely major letdown with a fantastic new Doctor but poor stories and lackluster writing. When this season rolled around, I was hoping it would bounce back to form, but had never expected to receive such a consistent string of amazing episodes. "Heaven Sent" picks up with the Doctor lost and dealing with the death of Clara, which is clearly taking a toll on him and the normally masked grieving process. It’s rare that we get to see a Doctor with no companion, but when it happens, it’s normally a treat because the actor portraying the Doctor gets to show off their full range of skills, which Capaldi did this past week, and it set up for one of, if not, the best Doctor Who episodes since the show’s return in 2005. READ MORE...

Peter Capaldi's Solo 'Doctor Who' Adventure Is A Success

This week's Doctor Who was a solo showcase for Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, after last week he said goodbye to Jenna Coleman's Clara Oswald. Although Coleman still had a cameo appearance in "Heaven...   Read More... //

Doctor Who Shows Just How Much Hard Work Goes Into The Doctors Easy Victories

Warning: If you havent seen tonights new episode of Doctor Who , its pretty heartbreaking. And kind of grueling. Remember Midnight, the scary-weird David Tennant bottle episode? This is sort of Peter Capaldis version of that. Goosebumps!   Read More...     //

Doctor Who Recap: Echoes of Death

  When youve been plotting and writing Doctor Who for as long as Steven Moffat has, you inevitably must stumble across an idea thats so mad you have no choice but to see it through to its finish. What will the people who so often chant for Moffats dismissal from the series those who claim he has run out of ideas make of this intimately epic hour that delves deep into the psyche of the shows central figure? Perhaps they will say that it is nothing more than a rip-off of Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow or any of the myriad films or TV shows that have exploited the time loop gimmick in this manner. If it were done poorly, we may have cause to tear into it, but when its done to such aching perfection as this, we must stand back, catch our breath, and applaud. One of the most experimental episodes of Doctor Who ever, Heaven Sent is surely also one of the best, and certainly one of the most revealing.   Read More... //

Doctor Who "Heaven Sent" Review: Don't You Dare Forget

An ambitious and daring episode, "Heaven Sent" explored the isolating nature of grief in an episode that found the Doctor trapped in a prison meant only for him.  Read More... //

'Doctor Who' recap: 'Heaven Sent'

The Doctor tells the world's longest story.   Read More... //

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 11 Review: Heaven Sent

Wow. Just wow. Of all the episodes, I get to review this one! As a life-long Doctor Who fan, this is absolutely fantastic. After a sort of mixed reaction to the previous episode, which featured Clara's actual death, Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 11 was a far more powerful send-off. The premise of the episode is deceptively simple: the Doctor was trapped alone in a puzzle-box castle, being endlessly chased by a clockwork construct called the Veil. But the truth was far more complicated and downright horrifying once the Doctor realized it.   Read More...   //


All season long Clara has been running. Running, running, running. No doubt this has been a reaction to the death of her boyfriend Danny Pink last season. But now, as we knew it must, the running has finally come to a stop. For it is time to "Face the Raven." Yep, Clara’s dead. We’ve known Jenna Coleman was leaving Doctor Who this season, and with all the underlying themes of death and dying these past 10 episodes, it seemed more than likely that Clara wasn’t going to make it out of the TARDIS alive. Coleman apparently is not in next week’s Doctor-only episode, and while she may or may not pop up for a farewell moment in some capacity in the season finale the following week, "Face the Raven" certainly makes it seem as though she’s getting a far less happy ending than Rose or Amy or Donna or Sarah Jane or… READ MORE...

Last Week's Doctor WhoHad the Weirdest Star Wars/Back to the FutureEaster Egg

Its almost second nature for sci-fi to be self-referentialnot just to itself, but to the wider pantheon of shows and movies. Doctor Who is no stranger to these references, but last weeks episode, Face the Raven , had one that was typically Doctor Who : An Easter Egg, hidden inside another Easter Egg!   Read More...     //

Jenna Coleman's Final 'Doctor Who' Airs - What Did You Think Of Her Exit?

Fans have known that Jenna Coleman would be leaving her starring role on Doctor Who since her departure was announced earlier this year, but Coleman's official exit from the show happened when her ...   Read Morel... //