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Doctor Who: This Was All The Doctors Fault

For years now, Doctor Who has been exploring the dark side of the Doctor, that quasi-immortal time traveler from another planet. He turns people into weapons, he inspires his friends to be reckless, he makes his enemies worse, etc. But with this latest episode, we see the absolute worst indictment of the Doctor.   Read More...     //

Doctor Who Recap: Tattoo You

  Theres no need to begin with talk of the first two acts here, when the last 10 minutes of Face the Raven are what most folks are currently concerned with, so lets cut to the chase: Claras dead, which, unless you pay very close attention to internet scuttlebutt, no doubt came as a huge surprise. After all, in the modern era, companion exits tend to happen at the end of a season, accompanied by much fanfare (the Ponds were an exception, but even they departed at the close of a half season). As a means of shocking the audience, what was done here was highly effective, but as a fitting finish to the near three-season run of Jenna Colemans Clara Oswald? Not so much. Her passing was little more than a slip up of an accident, surrounded by strong dialogue and ripe emotion. Given the handling of the scene, the show certainly wants us to believe that this is the end of Claras story, but it feels unfinished as though weve come to the end of a long sentence, but theres no punctuation at the close.   Read More... //

Doctor Who "Face the Raven" Review: Swan Song

Clara's time in the TARDIS finally came to an end in a very emotional episode that may have been Jenna Coleman's finest performance.   Read More... //

'Doctor Who' recap: 'Face the Raven'

Quoth the raven: "Bring some tissues."   Read More... //

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10 Review: Face the Raven

Clara's gone to that great big TARDIS in the sky, and strangely I'm not upset about it. I don't mean to take away from the wonderful performances in Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10 . However, when the Pond's made their exit it was totally devastating and somewhat shocking. There's been so much talk of Jenna Coleman leaving, not to mention putting Clara in danger each episode, that all the foreshadowing ruined her moment. Sure I'll miss Clara, yet mostly I just feel relieved the teasing is finally over.   Read More...   //


Doctor Who takes a turn towards the familiar with "Sleep No More," diving into the found-footage genre with this horror tale while also managing to bring a unique spin to the old shaky-cam trend along the way. The episode also culminates in a freaky moment that will leave fans talking -- and quite possibly confused. At first glance, the found-footage trope seems a disappointing way to go. Obviously a show like Who has to find new and different ways to tell its stories, having been on the air for so long, but still. And yet, frequent DW writer Mark Gatiss turns the concept on its ever-watchful head, essentially making the very notion of found footage into the bad guys of the story. READ MORE...

Well, That Was a Creepy Episode of Doctor Who. But What Was It About, Exactly?

I have a feeling Sleep No More will be another polarizing episode of Doctor Who . Its sort of a clever experiment, though Im not sure it entirely gels, and its probably saved by a fairly creepy twist ending.   Read More...     //

Doctor Who Recap: Enter Sandman, Exit Reason

  Gagan Rassmussen: You must not watch this! Im warning you. You can never unsee it.   Rassmussen could easily have been speaking about Sleep No More itself with that very first line of the episode. Well, the streak of perfection (or at least near perfection) had to end sooner or later, didnt it? Season nine had been charging forward like some kind of long form narrative Roadrunner, and with Sleep No More it has smashed into one of Wile E. Coyotes tunnel paintings. Proudly billed as Doctor Who s first found footage episode, it seems as if the footage that wouldve made sense of the whole affair ended up on the cutting room floor (yes, a horribly outdated turn of phrase in the digital age).   Read More... //

'Doctor Who' recap: 'Sleep No More'

A world without sleep turns into a real nightmare.   Read More... //

Doctor Who "Sleep No More" Review: Dust In the Wind

"Sleep No More" was an ambitious episode made of "found footage" that mostly worked despite the fact it was never really as scary as it wanted to be or thought it was.   Read More... //