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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 9 Review: Sleep No More

I love Mark Gatiss, but this episode might have been a tad too ambitious. Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 9 was billed as a "terrifying story assembled from [found] footage." I don't know about you, but I wasn't scared for a single second. Then again, I watch way too much Walking Dead and American Horror Story . The episode wasn't a total bust, there were a few fun moments. It was different for Who, I'll give them that, but I wouldn't say it's a favorite of mine this season. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.   Read More...   //

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 8 Review: “The Zygon Inversion”

Doctor Who always manages to handle war topics in an emotional way without ever having a full war break out. In the two-part Zygon story, which concluded with this week’s, "The Zygon Inversion," a war is on the cusp of fully breaking out that would en up helping no one. I really enjoy when Doctor Who tackles war because it’s something that the Doctor is very emotionally attached to and scarred by for good reason. His character is someone who has personally been in war and experienced many others, which is why he’s so focused on preventing any loss that he can. The episode picks up with evil Zygon commander Clara, aka Bonnie, firing a missile at the Doctor’s plane but it turns out Clara can use the mental link to influence what Bonnie does. I liked the dynamic of Clara being taken over because it did two things; one, it allowed Jenna Louise Coleman to play an evil character (as I mentioned last week) and two, it put Clara on her own and forced her character to show a little self defense and mental adaptability to a life threatening situation. I think this was my favorite Clara episode so far because for the most part I can’t stand her. In episodes like "The Zygon Inversion," it forces the companions to rise up and basically display that traveling with the Doctor has left them with some good skills in high pressure situations. READ MORE...

Doctor Who Recap: The Bonnie Situation

  After the thrilling real world cliffhanger of The Zygon Invasion, picking up events in Claras hazy Zygon dream state was unexpected to say the least. But then this second half is much different in its aims than the far more action-packed first half. Whereas The Zygon Invasion was concerned with the outer, Inversion is appropriately concerned with the inner, and as such, perhaps there was no better place to begin than inside Claras mind. The episode backtracks a few beats, prior to the Zygon Zygella/Bonnie (what is the point of giving this character two names?) firing the rocket launcher, as we get the scenario from Claras perspective.   Read More... //

Doctor Who "The Zygon Inversion" Review: Everything and Nothing

With the future of mankind (and Zygonkind) at stake, "The Zygon Inversion" defied expectations and produced one heck of a performance by Peter Capaldi.   Read More... //

On Doctor Who, The Doctor Is Willing To Play Seriously Crazy Mind Games For Peace

This was another odd episode of Doctor Who , a show which seems to be trying to reinvent itself not through radical change but through stylistic drift. Last year, Doctor Who had some insane experiments, but this year its just doing a slew of two-parters about the Doctor stumbling through messes of his own creation.   Read More...     //

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 8 Review: The Zygon Inversion

Capaldi's a great actor, that's a given. I'm thrilled he finally got a standout moment. While this Zygon two-parter is probably my least favorite of the ninth season (so far), it tackled some serious real world issues. Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 8 wasn't as fast-paced as part one, but it mana   Read More...   //

'Doctor Who' recap: 'The Zygon Inversion'

The key to preventing a war is in the Osgood Box.   Read More... //

Here's a Doctor Who Story Where I Honestly Have No Idea What a "Happy Ending" Is

There are basically two major types of Doctor Who stories: 1) The Doctor protects the status quo from some outside disruption. 2) The Doctor finds a terrible status quo, and overturns it. But then there are outliers, where the status quo is in itself a lot more complicated.   Read More...     //

Doctor Who Recap: Truth or Consequences

  The Doctor: This is a splinter group. The rest of the Zygons the vast majority they want to live in peace. You start bombing them, youll radicalize the lot. Thats exactly what the splinter group wants.   And with that brief, impassioned speech, The Zygon Invasion arguably became the most important Doctor Who episode since Vincent and the Doctor tackled depression back in 2010. Doctor Who has a history of addressing real world social and political issues through its fantastical lens, most notably back in the Barry Letts-produced Jon Pertwee era, which was famous for it. Indeed, one of my major gripes with the modern incarnation of the series is that it doesnt do it often enough. It is the job of science fiction to show us the better part of ourselves, often by showcasing the downright ugly. If it wasnt previously obvious that this story is a metaphor for the worlds dealings with certain factions operating out of the Middle East, then that speech from the Doctor sealed it.   Read More... //

'Doctor Who' recap: 'The Zygon Invasion'

The Zygon peace treaty breaks down, along with everyone's trust.   Read More... //