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'Dracula' Season 1 Finale Recap: The End is Here

In tonight's finale episode of Dracula , the resonator gets a second demonstration, and Jonathan Harker makes a decision that will damage more than just his relationship with Mina.   Read More... //

Dracula 1.10 Review: “Let There Be Light”

During last week’s episode of  Dracula , Browning had promised us a catastrophe. They most certainly delivered and it made for incredible viewing. It was finally time for the moment that Grayson had been waiting for. The moment of Grayson’s big demonstration was, at last, well within his reach. Everything he and Van Helsing planned for was finally happening. If only it was that simple. Order of the Dragon lackeys had tampered with the machine to make sure it blew up – Harker just assumed that it was to make sure the machine did not work. Harker was naïve to think that the plans would not have devastating consequences. After all, Grayson would have come back bigger and better than before. The Order needed to do something that would stop any plans. Grayson knew something was coming, his vampiric senses felt the deaths of those he had turned as the Order began to retaliate. Read More... //

Dracula Episode 1.09 Review: “Four Roses”

NBC’s Dracula finally gives us something for our teeth to sink into! It is time to choose a side because a war is coming.  In a build up to next week’s season finale, Dracula has spent weeks manipulating and sabotaging the plans of the Order of the Dragon, the cult that had turned him into the monster he is. We have seen Dracula, under the guise of Alexander Grayson, trick, manipulate and con those around him but at last, this episode provides us what the audience has been waiting for:  you know, the stuff vampires do.  A lot happened in this episode, so let us begin. The Order of the Dragon has some tricks up their sleeve. It is hardly surprising that Harker has accepted to be a part of it. Grayson has betrayed him and used him. If he hopes for change, unfortunately for him he is still the same puppet only for the other side. Read More... //

Dracula Season 1 Review “Let There Be Light”

On the season finale and possible final episode of “Dracula,” things finally came to a close with a bang- literally and figuratively, and it’s about time on both counts. In “Let There Be Light,” all the various plot stands came to a head, and we saw the way forward, if there is one. As Dracula plotted his all-important re-do of his geomagnetic demonstration, the Order put Harker to work immediately to help sabotage it, having their people futz with the resonator under the guise of being reporters, appealing to Dracula’s sense of vanity with little problem. (Well, save an almost-trouble run-in with the man who designed the machine.) Read More... //

Dracula opens up an all-you-can-drink buffet

Things fall apart. Things fall apart even faster if you're a hot-headed scientist bent on vengeance, a leader of an evil cult whose children have been kidnapped, a man who's fiancé is in love with your boss, a lesbian in the 19th century, or even just a centuries-old vampire with dreams of revenge and/or free electricity. //

'Dracula' Recap: A Declaration of War

The body count rises on Dracula as both Grayson and the Order prepare to confront their enemies in tonight's episode, "Four Roses." Read More... //

Dracula Season 1 Review “Four Roses”

In the penultimate episode of “Dracula” of the season, we finally got around to one of the more memorable elements of the original Bram Stoker tale, in “Four Roses.” And I must say, I didn’t really see it coming. It’s funny because since I’ve been doing this column I’ve mentioned it quite a few times, and just when I was thinking it wasn’t going to happen: BAM! It did. I’m of course talking about the Lucy attack and transformation, and the show did a really great job of reinventing the scenario in a way that was true to the originality of what “Dracula” was been doing all along, which is to re-imagine the classic novel we know the story of so well. To be sure, certain things have worked better than others. I have not hidden my utter lack of interest in all this geomagnetic wazoo and resonating machines and all that jazz. The Order of the Dragon business was a bit dubious to me as well, but it’s gotten better as its gone along, so I don’t mind giving it a pass. Read More... //

'Dracula' Recap: Fears and Affairs

Tonight on Dracula , a few more bodies pile up, and both confessions and bad decisions are made by several different characters.  Read More... //

Dracula Season 1 Review “Come to Die”

Well, things are certainly coming to a head on “Dracula,” and on “Come to Die,” we finally got some solid action through and through, including some unexpected twists that were overall pretty satisfying. Dracula could barely contain himself through the episode, and when he finally went, he went big, despite Renfield’s best efforts. Though, that said, afterwards he wisely let the big fish go to someone else, and therein lied the surprise. Playing him like a fiddle, Dracula positioned Harker against Davenport, and he took the bait, ultimately killing him. Of course, Dracula wasn’t wrong to, as Davenport was indeed responsible for the attack against Mina. As if that weren’t enough, Harker also went rogue on Mina and hooked up with Lucy, who professed her “love” to him, as per Lady Jayne’s instructions, and he fell for it. Well, to be fair, what he fell for was more akin to lust, but who can blame him there? Read More... //

'Dracula' Recap: Dances, Demonstrations, and Dragons

Dracula  returned after a mid-season hiatus with "Servant to Two Masters," featuring a few surprises for it's fans.  Read More... //