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Elementary Season 1 “The Rat Race” Review

Elementary  stepped up the character development this week in "The Rat Race". The case itself that Sherlock and Watson were called into solve was second to Sherlock himself. The case was a catalyst for the story of Watson and Sherlock to grow, and writer Craig Sweeny did an amazing job. Jonny Lee Miller did such an outstanding job in "The Rat Race" especially in his scene with Captain Gregson. Instead of being the closed off, snarky Sherlock that he normally is, the hero of  Elementary  laid out everything for Gregson. It was so sweet and so sobering, and obviously incredibly difficult for Sherlock to tell the Captain about his addiction  that I almost felt the need to stand up and applaud Miller as I watched. His struggle to keep Sherlock’s hard exterior, but knowing that he had to come clean was, dare I say, flawless? And heartbreaking? Kudos, Miller. Kudos. Read More... //

Elementary "The Rat Race" Review: Sexy Sherlock! (A Halloween-Themed Look at a Seriously Flawed Episode)

However, even though it's made a lot of mistakes, I still continue to enjoy Elementary . //

Elementary Review: The Masks We Wear

If anyone told me that the "case-of-the-week" portion of a TV crime drama could play second fiddle to character development and the episode would be outstanding, I would have had my doubts. But, that is exactly what happened in " The Rat Race " as we got to see both Watson and Holmes grow significantly this week.  Let’s start with the case Holmes was called in on. If you didn't figured out that it was his secretary behind the murders right after Jim Fowkes admitted he was the only one who matched the pattern Holmes explained, then you need to spend some more quality time with Holmes. Read More... //

Elementary "Child Predator" Review: Good Episode, But We Could Have Done Without the Kid Murder

Elementary S01E03: "Child Predator" I find child murder inappropriate for television. I hate to sound like an old killjoy yelling at everybody to get out of her yard, but while I can/have/love to watch murder mystery after horror movie after action film where over-18-year-olds get taken out like mice under a lawn mower, just the sight of a gloved hand gesturing for a child to get in a car is a little too much for me. Elementary tried to find a loophole in the old "Don't use the most heartbreaking crime on earth for entertainment value" rule last night with a twist: The child we saw...   //

Elementary Season 1 “Child Predator” Review

Does anyone else feel that  Elementary  is really starting to channel any of the  Law and Order franchises? I mean, pick one, and you’ve got yourself an episode of  Elementary . Maybe that’s not a fairstatement  since all procedural cop shows are essentially the same formula, but especially with this week’s "Child Predator", I felt like I was watching an episode of  Law and Order: SVU . That said, "Child Predator" was… okay. I’m not one for using kids being kidnapped/killed as a way to entertain the masses for 42 minutes, but I understand that I’m probably a little uptight about that aspect of TV. So, "Child Predator", even with its twist perpetrator, was hard for me to watch. Also, what was up with kidnapped kids parents? Did it seem fishy to anyone else that their kid goes missing and they call a press conference before calling the cops? Read More... //

Elementary Review: Nemesis In Training

There must be some sort of hazing or rite of passage all crime shows go through where they must feature a story that utilizes the over-used trope of the "victim" actually being the mastermind behind the crimes. However, even when I had a guess at what the twist was going to be on " Child Predator ," it didn't diminish the overall story, as both Jonny Lee Miller and Johnny Simmons (Adam Kempler) did a fantastic job with their banter. I wonder if we will see Kempler again. His foreshadowing that he will be out quickly certainly seems to hint at it. While he is no Moriarty, it would be a nice step that direction if Holmes had a second round with a character as smart as him.   Read More... //

Elementary Review: Name Rings A Bell

The second episode of a new series is where you have to worry. Allow me to explain. As a rule, the networks approve a new show based on the pilot. However, a lot of shows will make revisions or additions when they go into regular productions, which start with (you guessed it) the second episode. I've seen some very promising pilots make some horrible choices once they move past the opening episode. So I was glad to see that " While You Were Sleeping " featured only some minor changes to the formula I enjoyed so much on the  Elementary  premiere . In fact, I only saw two significant tweaks - and both turned out to be good choices. Read More... //

Elementary Season 1 “While You Were Sleeping” Review – The Violin Is Back!

Elementary  was back with its second episode of the first season on Thursday. The retelling of the Sherlock Holmes story was a decent pilot, and while "While You Were Sleeping" introduced a few new characters  Elementary  just seemed… well, elementary. I liked the introduction of Detective Bell. He was a different force than the previous Detective Abreu, and Bell’s approach to cases gives a way for him and Holmes to butt heads and try to come to an understanding between the way they each process evidence and facts. Read More... //

Elementary Series Premiere Review: Something Fun Is Afoot

Public domain, impeccable brand recognition and the insatiable American appetite for procedurals have summoned Elementary despite/maybe because of the excellent PBS/BBC version that electrified the UK only a couple years ago. This incredibly British property being rehashed through an American perspective is of going to infuriate a few Brits (not least of which is Benedict Cumberbatch, who //

Elementary Review: A Worthy Remake?

Many believe that CBS has taken a big chance this season with Elementary , as it will undoubtedly be compared to its BBC counterpart and Johnny Lee Miller will be stood up beside the talents of Benedict Cumberbatch. After watching the pilot (twice), I'm willing to say it's a risk that will pay off big time. Johny Lee Miller is an exceptional Sherlock Holmes; he possesses all the quirkiness and intelligence we have come to expect from the iconic detective in recent years. Where Miller stands out from previous actors is that he has toned down the narcissistic tendencies and has exposed a small sliver of vulnerability towards Watson. Read More... //