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'Elementary' recap: 'The Invisible Hand'

When a bomb goes off at Morland's office, Sherlock and Joan must balance working alone and with the NYPD to find out who's responsible ....  Read More... //

'Elementary' recap: 'Turn It Upside Down'

While investigating the murder of Emil Kurtz and dealing with an insistent Morland Holmes, Sherlock realizes an old foe might be back   Read More... //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Turn It Upside Down

Following directly on from the previous episode, Elementary Season 4 Episode 22 dealt with the death of Emil Kurtz, the mole who Joan had blackmailed into working for her. This episode featured some excellent performances, coupled with a whopper of a reveal at the conclusion of the case which will no doubt play into the final two episodes of the season.   Read More...   //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

Two guys turned up dead, and Sherlock figured out that they were both murdered while faking a murder. Clever, right? My biggest problem with Elementary Season 4 Episode 21 was that almost the whole investigation could've been avoided if the cops had done a pretty basic thing: check the alibi of the victim's spouse. Instead, it took them positively ages turning this way and that, chasing false leads and hitting dead ends. I understand that this is television we're talking about, and there needs to be some allowance for Rule of Drama and all that, but come on. This is pretty elementary stuff here!   Read More...   //

'Elementary' recap: 'Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing'

A double homicide isn't exactly as it seems, but the real mystery remains Morland Holmes...   Read More... //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Art Imitates Art

Wow, way to take the knife and twist! Joan's attempt to learn more about where she comes from (specifically, her father) earned her some pretty cruel responses from her bitter and resentful half-sister Lin. On Elementary Season 4 Episode 20 , Joan was actually reduced to tears by this rejection even as she had to help investigate a young woman's murder.   Read More...   //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 19 Review: All In

Welcome to Elementary Season 4 Episode 19 , a comedy of errors that resulted in Joan Watson discovering she had a half-sister she never knew! For the life of me, I still don't understand why Hobberkin decided it was a good idea to bust in and shoot at Lin Wen. Really, though, you should just ignore the logic holes (you can probably drive a truck through them!) and just enjoy the banter between Lin and Joan. ...  Read More...   //

'Elementary' recap: 'All In' and 'Art Imitates Art'

Sherlock and Joan deal with two murders, hockey masks, trampolines, and a long-hidden secret ...  Read More... //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Ready or Not

A doctor got in over his head selling pills to drug-dealers on the side and was murdered by the helpful guy who appeared ever-so-briefly early in Elementary Season 4 Episode 18 . The guy who provided the weirdly-specific alibi. Always beware a character who gives unnecessary details in a procedural, and doubly so for a helpful person who appears in the first act.   Read More...   //

'Elementary' recap: 'Ready or Not'

While investigating the disappearance of a doomsday prepper, Sherlock has to sort out his emotions in regards to Fiona ...Read More... //