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Elementary Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Down Where the Dead Delight

I probably wouldn't have believed you if you'd told me that the writers stuffed a bomb, a cartel, roller derby, small-time drug dealing, a teenager with serious mental problems, and a vigilante cop all in one episode. Why, you ask? Because it would end up like Elementary Season 4 Episode 11 , too scattered to make a truly compelling story. It felt like the writers were throwing darts at a board and tossing in everything they hit.   Read More...   //

Sherlock Dumps Father, Honey in Latest Elementary

Parent-child relationships are challenging. They just get more complicated when the pair is father Morland Holmes , a universally-feared manipulator of global markets, and his renowned detective of a son, Sherlock.   Read More...     //

'Elementary' recap: 'Alma Matters'

While investigating the murder of a recruiter for a private university, Sherlock also has to deal with whether his father believes he is a murderer...   Read More... //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Alma Matters

It's enough to make you hate higher education, isn't it? It's bad enough feeling gouged for books, fees, tuition, and all the normal things, but downright corrupt recruitment and student loan practices? Yikes. Elementary Season 4 Episode 10 took a stab at a truly vile human being running a for-profit university that was little more than a criminal enterprise. There was no mystery invovled with this case; it was pretty much assumed from the start that Wilson Trager was the man responsible.   Read More...   //

'Elementary' recap: 'Murder Ex Machina'

When a Russian oligarch is killed, and his assassins murdered, too, Sherlock and Joan must find the person who put out the hit...   Read More... //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Murder Ex Machina

I'm a big Star Trek fan. How, you ask, does this have anything to do with the events of Elementary Season 4 Episode 9 ? Because one of my favorite lines from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country goes something like this: "First rule of assassination: kill the assassins." This is what the Ukrainian hitmen realized all too late as they lost control of their car and crashed to their deaths, just minutes after murdering a Russian oligarch, his bodyguard, and a very unfortunate valet.   Read More...   //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 8 Review: A Burden of Blood

I was sitting there, watching this episode, taking notes, and found myself barely filling up a whole page. Usually I manage two, at least. There just really wasn't a whole lot to this episode. It may have something to do with the fact that I pegged Craig/Nolan as the killer in his first scene, but I could not find Elementary Season 4 Episode 8 's A-plot all that compelling.   Read More...   //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Miss Taken

Well played, Elementary, well played. You kept me guessing until the very end. Elementary Season 4 Episode 7 started with a classic 'corpse in the woodchipper' scenario, followed by an impostor kidnapee, a flashbang, and the real kidnappee saved. Fake Mina was brilliantly manipulative, to the point where Sherlock described her as one of the best liars he's ever met. And this from the guy who was in love with Moriarty!   Read More...   //

Alfredo Returns with Pink Frosted Donuts in Elementary

Its a return of the reoccurring characters this week on Elementary ! We finally spend time with Alfredo for the first time since his kidnapping, Captain Gregson and Detective Bell get a shot at doing police work, and everyone engages in banter. Read more...     //

'Elementary' recap: 'The Cost Of Doing Business'

When a seemingly random shooting ends up being an assassination, Sherlock teams up with his father to find the shooter...   Read More... //