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Elementary Season 4 Episode 6 Review: The Cost of Doing Business

It started out as a by-the-numbers episode, with a sniper taking out a bunch of people as a cover for assassinating a single man. But several times through the course of the story, the writers pulled the rug out from under us. Boy, did they pull it. In Elementary Season 4 Episode 6 , Sherlock teamed up with his father Morland, who seemed unusually sympathetic and helpful, much to Sherlock's surprise. Then we saw that final scene.  Read More...   //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 5 Review: The Games Underfoot

There's no kill like overkill! In Elementary Season 4 Episode 5 , Sherlock and Joan investigated the murder of a struggling archaeologist who was digging for the lost Worst Game Ever. In case you're wondering, the legend of the Nottingham Knights in this episode was based on the real-life fiasco involving Atari and the video game E.T., The Extra Terrestrial. The real-world version turned out a lot less violent than the outcome here, of course.   Read More...   //

'Elementary' recap: 'The Games Underfoot'

When the search for a vintage videogame turns deadly, Sherlock must wade into a world he despises   Read More.... //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 4 Review: All My Exes Live in Essex

I know there's something to be said for leaving certain things to the imagination, but was anyone else seriously disappointed that we didn't actually get to see that boxing match between Detective Cortes and Joan? After all, Cortes had just spent all of Elementary Season 4 Episode 4 harassing Joan, so a little satisfaction for us would have gone a long way. Doesn't Cortes have enough to do with her actual cases? Maybe Coney Island's Burglary Division isn't enormously busy, but I can't imagine that the NYPD would be thrilled if it learned that Cortes was wasting Department resources on her little personal vendetta.   Read More...   //

Mistaken Identities and Monkeys are the Backbone of Elementary This Week

Its a night of mistaken identity, estranged fathers, a return to police service, and overly-convoluted doppelgngered murder mysteries for this weeks Elementary . But more importantly, its a story on the reappearance of Sherlocks turtle Clyde, and of adorably fluffy monkeys tragically not-seen.   Read More...     //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Tag, You're Me

It was a case where nothing was as it seemed: two seemingly-identical dead men, killed in revenge for the death of a frat pledge a decade earlier. But neither of them was the actual murderer. And the guy who killed them, he didn't assault the guy who designed the doppelganger software. That was the original murderer. I think. Then there was a third lookalike, who refused to have anything to do with things...   Read More...   //

'Elementary' recap: 'Tag, You're Me'

When two bodies that look exactly alike turn up, Sherlock and Watson must wade into the weird world of doppelgngers.   Read More... //

Elementary Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Evidence of Things Not Seen

Let me preface this review by saying it is a personal pet peeve of mine when I can correctly figure out the identity of the perpetrator the moment he or she pops up on the screen. And yes, that is exactly what happened in Elementary Season 4 Episode 2 . The Law of Conservation of Detail is pretty common, indeed useful , trope in fiction. It boils down to the idea that any detail that is introduced such as a physical handicap is likely to become a plot point later, especially if it involves a one-off character.   Read More....   //

Elementary "Evidence of Things Not Seen" Review: Soft Power

The deductive duo get a gig with the FBI about a brainwashing algorithm, and Joan finally came face-to-face with Morland Holmes.   Read More... //

'Elementary' recap: 'Evidence of Things Not Seen'

Holmes and Watson not only have to deal with Sherlock's father and his shady deals, but also a potential case of brainwashing   Read More... //