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Sherlock's Father Makes Recovery Miserable in Season Premiere of Elementary

Sherlock Holmes and Jane Watson are back in the season 4 kickoff of Elementary , and its all about mistakes, forgiveness, and recovery. Holmes relapsed on heroin in the finale last season, and now he has to cope with the fallout with his daddy issues on full display.   Read More...     //

Elementary Recap: Fixer Father

Sherlocks dad doesnt appear until the end of Thursday nights season premiere of Elementary, but he still manages to say a lot even in his absence. And it all translates into Morland Holmes being a real piece of work. Although he indicated that his arrival in New York City was imminent, Morland still hasnt shown [] //

Elementary Season 4 Premiere Review: But Who Will Save You?

On the outs with all professional law enforcement agencies, Sherlock attempted to solve a case to save Joan's career in the season premiere.   Read More... //

'Elementary' recap: 'The Past Is Parent'

Sherlock and Watson investigate an old missing person's case while dealing with the looming presence of Sherlock's father.   Read More... //

Elementary: Season 3 Finale Review

In Elementary's Season 3 finale, Sherlock's journey to save a friend puts his own sobriety in danger.   Read More... //

Elementary Season 3 Episode 24 Review: A Controlled Descent

Sherlock went back down the rabbit hole on Elementary Season 3 Episode 24 after his former drug dealer kidnapped Alfredo. We met Sherlock as he began his recovery with Joan by his side. There were plenty of times where he faced temptationand his sobriety was tested, but he always managed to keep a tight leash on his demons. It appeared he finally gave in to those demons tonight. Oh, Sherlock. You're breaking my heart.   Read More...   //

'Elementary' recap: 'A Controlled Descent'

A sickening means to a sickening end. Boy did those words echo loudly throughout the season finale of Elementary on Thursday night. The episode followed Sherlock as he went to the darkest places of his past habits to find his old sponsor/new friend Alfredo, who was abducted....   Read More... //

Elementary Season 3 Finale Review: Tracking You

When Alfredo goes missing, Sherlock does everything he can to find him. Everything.   Read More... //

Elementary Season 3 Episode 23 Review: Absconded

Bees were buzzing and dying on Elementary Season 3 Episode 23 while Captain Gregsonwas offered a promotion that would take him away from Sherlock and Joan. This was the penultimate episode and it was rather ho-hum. Most series build up excitement for their season finale to ensure you tune-in and come back next season. This was not that kind of episode. It was a bit confusing and a little all over the place. But worst of all - it was boring.   Read More.... //

Elementary Season 3 Episode 22 Review: The Best Way Out is Always Through

Sherlock continued to show surprising sensitivity to his friends on Elementary Season 3 Episode 22 in between figuring out how an inmate escaped from prison and whether the Stanley Cup he bought online was real. Sherlock truly has some of the most interesting hobbies. Who else but him would buy the Stanley Cup online to determine whether it's a fake or the real deal. It made me smile, but Joan wasn't quite as amused. Granted, she found it in her bathtub.  Read More...   //