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Emerald City Star Adria Arjona Joins Neil Gaiman's Good Omens

Adria Arjona just cant stay away from witches: TheEmerald City star will play practical occultist Anathema Device in Amazons forthcomingGood Omensadaptation, showrunner Neil Gaiman announced Thursday via Twitter. Earlier in the day, the author posted a blurry photo of the series first table read, adding that casting news was about to break. Soon after, he [] //

Emerald City Cancelled at NBC

Dorothys journey ends here. NBC has opted not to move forward with a second season of its contemporary Wizard of Oz reboot Emerald City, TVLine has learned. Emerald Citylaunched last January with a tepid4.5 million viewers and a 1.0 demo rating. By the time it wrapped its 10-episode run two months later, it had dipped [] //

Emerald City Photo Preview: It's War!

It's the season finale of Emerald City and things are tense in the land of Oz. Dorothy has had enough and wants to go home. Will Frank help or hinder her? What will Jane's role be? Glinda has arrived, but it's unclear what she has planned. How does she plan to defeat Frank? West and Ozma arrive in the Emerald City. Will they find Eamonn and seek vengeance for her parents' death? What will the villagers think when they see that Ozma is still alive? ...Read More...

Emerald City Sneak Peek: A Shocking Truth Brings Dorothy and Lucas Closer

Will the reveal of Dorothys lie be the last straw for Emerald Citys Lucas? Or quite the opposite? As seen in this sneak peek from Fridays episode (NBC, 9/8c), Dorothy (played by Adria Arjona), Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and a sleeping Silvie are holed up in a remote farmhouse, ostensibly hiding from the Wizards Guard, when [] //

Emerald City Photo Preview: Meet the Good Witch

The Wizard is a loser, and he's losing control. On Emerald City Season 1 Episode 7 , the Wizard decides to launch an attack on a small village to show just how powerful he really is. But we all know better, and soon so will everyone else. At least we think so. For some reason West is still on his side, but how long will that last? Dorothy. Lucas and Sylvie finally meet Glinda, but it's unclear from these photos how it all turns out.   ...Read More...

Emerald City's Costume Designer Reveals the Magic Behind Lady Ev's Magnificent Masks

  This far into Emerald City , you know that part of its visual appeal is due to the elaborate costumes. Glinda's ( Joely Richardson ) icy demeanor feels tangible through the screen thanks to her white cloaks; the women in the Wizard's ( Vincent D'Onofrio ) inner circle wear regal orbs and robes that make ...Read More... ...   //

Emerald City Photo Preview: Smackdown in the City!

It looks like Dorothy finally made it to the Emerald City, though not of her own doing. One thing is for sure, West isn't going to be very nice to the girl who killed her sister. Tip seems to fitting in quite nicely in her new home with West, but how long will that last? Eamonn might be the key to helping Lucas recover his lost memories, but has he already forgotten about Dorothy? Will he seek Eamonn's help to save her? And what happened to Sylvie during all this havoc? ...Read More...

Emerald City Photo Preview: A Magical Kiss!

It seems that things are starting to get a little more intense on Emerald City. And we're not just talking about that kiss! While we all thought Jack died when Tip pushed him, it seems that he's alive and well, if these photos are any indication. We're not sure if Tip knows about Jack as she seems to be caught up with West and Glinda at the moment. What's that all about? A mysterious girl has come into Lucas and Dorothy's lives, but who is she and what does she want? And it looks like Eamonn has finally found Dorothy, but has he decided to help her instead? ...Read More...

Emerald City Photo Preview: The Hunt Continues!

After an amazing season premiere, we can't wait to see what Emerald City Season 1 Episode 3 brings our way. Eamonn is still on the hunt for Dorothy and comes upon a caravan, but are Dorothy and Lucas with them? Somehow, the two of them end up at a castle, and it looks like she transforms into a beautiful princess! What's up with that? Check out the photos for "Mistress - New - Mistress" and speculate away!  ...Read More...

Emerald City Will Get "Dark" and "Scary" Inside the Heads of Your Favorite Wizard of Oz Characters

Emerald City isn't the trip your parents took down the yellow brick road. NBC's new take on The Wizard of Oz is "a lot darker," star Adria Arjona told E! News' Carrisa... ...Read More... //