Review of Endgame

60 minutes

Arkady Balagan earned a reputation for solving mysteries and figuring out the impossible. Each week, people come with problems that have stymied the police, or problems that they cannot even bring to the authorities. So the question remains: Why can he solve every case - except his own?
May 21, 2015 1:57PM EDT

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I nother crime solfing show. there ar a lot don't you think?? and all of them try to find a special thing to get us to watch. This show only has 13 epis. what is to bad becouse it's funny. Not 10 season's worth of funny but more than 1 wood have bin creat.
Arkady is a guys wo solves crime's (he cals them puzzels) from his hotel (room)becouse afther his finance got kild yust out side he is not abal to go outside. Aldo Arkady is famus fore being a top ranking chest player you don't have to now chest to follow the show. it's a red line in the show but it dosn't controll the show (what is good becouse i stil don't now howe to play chest ;) )
the show got nice twists and humor it's nice to watch


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