Extreme Hotels Episode Guide

60 minutes

Travel Channel's hotel expert, Anthony Melchiorri, is heading off the beaten path in search of extraordinary overnight stays on land and sea. Melchiorri explores unique and breathtaking accommodations in bucket-list locales. From snowcapped peaks in the Swiss Alps to the shores of Vietnam, follow along as Melchiorri explores one-of-a-kind hotels in extreme settings. "After dedicating years to rescuing struggling hotels - my new mission takes me to the most beautiful and extreme locations imaginable in search of the ultimate hotel experience," said Melchiorri. "And I must admit that I am enjoying these wild accommodations, not to mention the clean sheets!"

Episode Guide

6 episodes

  • 6 episodes
    6 episodes
    • s1e6Totally Bizarre
      January 30, 2018
    • s1e5Planes, Trains and Automobiles
      January 30, 2018
    • s1e4Treehouses
      January 30, 2018
    • s1e3Mountain Marvels
      November 26, 2017
    • s1e2Wild Water Escapes
      November 19, 2017
    • s1e1Haunted Hospitality
      October 2, 2017