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want to help the sweenson lee family

I'm jsut watching the show about the Sweenson family and the tragedy that their had to live with especially those kids and especially taylor. She moved me a lot watching her. She shown such a courage to overcome what life had throwned at her i feel for her. My reason for writing is i heard taylor saying she wanted to go to france one day. I'm French and live in New York for 15 years now. I go back to France twice a year. I would like to invite taylor to come with me to france and spend time with my family and shown her around france and where i live. I don't have too much money to pay for 2 tickets but i was wondering maybe the show can help her financely that would be great. She would not have to worry about the expenses while she is there i can take care of that.I don't have any informations about that family but i was thinking that maybe you can get me in contact with them via phone or email that would be great. i hope that somebody will read this email and help me help taylor make her dream come true to go to France one day. My email is clorreyte@optonline.net and my cell number is 203-979-3328 maybe you can forward this email to her. Hope somebody is going to help. Thanks in advance and i love the show very much make me appreciate life even more every day.