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I love Felicity

Not to many people i know, know about felicity.I do have people laugh cause i watch older tv shows or movies. I only started watching this year on cosmo tv, i wish i had watched it when it was on the first time around

a tv classic!!!

yup, i agree with rachelL down there ;-). very well said. unlike rachelL, people don't laugh at me when i tell them that i loved this show. they actually agree with me but some haven't heard of this show yet which is sad to hear. i think this show speaks about getting to know yourself, pursuing your dream, making mistakes, and experiencing what life really is in the real world. i just love javier!!

I miss you, Felicity

People sometimes (ok, always) laugh at me when I tell them that Felicity is one of my favorite shows ever. However, I maintain that Felicity brought us one of the most honest and heartfelt portrayals of college and young adult life that has ever been on TV (seriously, what show can you think of that didn't mess up its portrayal of college). Felicity - from the incomparable JJ Abrams (Alias, Lost) - was among the finest shows to ever come out of the WB (when it was still the WB), and probably deserved a better network so that it had better exposure. Keri Russell was pitch perfect in her role as Felicity, and the show in general had a bunch of quirky characters (beyond Ben and Noel) that really added to its success (vintage Greg Grunberg - better known as Matt Parkman on Heroes - comes to mind). I recognize that the show had its flaws - in later seasons it became a little too fixated on the Ben vs. Noel conundrum, which got old even for the show's biggest fans (me), and I kind of wish that the last few episodes were never made (if you recall, the show was granted 4 or so extra episodes at the last minute, and after the show had what I thought was the perfect ending, JJ went and did some crazy stuff) - but as a whole, this show was an under appreciated little gem (even after Felicity cut her hair). It is worth checking out on Sidereel or on DVD if you have never seen it...