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60 minutes

Felicity Porter, a sheltered young woman just out of high school, moves to New York to attend college despite opposition from her parents. Her friends include dorm resident adviser Noel, who develops a crush on her, high school friend Ben Covington, and new pal, Julie. A gruff New Yorker, Elena Tyler, a fellow student, and new roommate Meghan, complete with tattoos and army boots, expose Felicity to the coarser side of life. Felicity indulges in introspective moments to reflect on her life in taped letters to her close friend and former French tutor, Sally.
Oct 9, 2018 10:26AM EDT

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i really like Felicity Porter,she is so honest and brave,she has her own value which she sticks to and she trys to understand what happened to her and she trys to find the meanings.This drama is so real that i could't help to think about all the stories of this opera.Things happened in this could happen in our reality as well,sometimes i can learn fsomething from it which is really great.

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