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'Flipping Out' Season 7, episode 2 recap: How do you solve a problem like Andrew Coleman in 'The New Girl'?

As the new season of "Flipping Out" moves into its second week on Wednesday (March 12), it's clear that a major focus will be design assistant Andrew Coleman and his continued unprofessional behavior. As revealed in last week's Season 7 premiere, Jeff Lewis' trustworthy assistant Jenni Pulos, she of the gigantic pregnant belly, is about ready to pop, which means maternity leave is knocking on the door. While Jeff admitted he was worried about what he'd do without her, Andrew reminded everyone just how delusional he is, suggesting he may get more responsibilities at Jeff Lewis Design in her stead.Except, as even a casual viewer of the Bravo series knows, there's nothing in Andrew's history as an employee of Jeff's that would remotely suggest that he deserves more responsibility. And this is something Jeff is clearly keenly aware of. Enter: Megan. At the start of tonight's episode, we learn that Jeff has brought in a... //

'Flipping Out' - 'Hot Streak, Lots of Baggage' (Season Premiere) Recap

When Jeff Lewis referred to the changes in his business early on in the season premiere of 'Flipping Out,' for a while there it seemed like it was all for the better. After all, the Ryan Brown smoke screen had been lifted -- a Google search snafu that resulted in business never reaching Jeff because it was diverted to Ryan -- and the job offers were up four times what they'd been before. But enough about the work, what about the baby in the office? Well, it wasn't Jenni and Jeff's. That much hadn't changed. No, it was Jett's. Between the baby -- an occasional visitor -- and the unruly dogs and willful cats, the Jeff Lewis office was more a variation on last season than a real change. You could say the same about Jeff Lewis. Instead of being happy about all the new opportunities, the perfectionist in him continued to drive the mere mortals on his staff to distraction. Only Jeff could be personal and sweet while inquiring about Jenni's new boyfriend, a nice Greek fellow named Jonathan of whom her mother approved, then chew her out for leaving a phone number off a client list. Jeff was looking for an apology, but Jenni felt that mistakes happen. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Flipping Out' Recap: The return of Jeff Lewis Season 4, Episode 1

Last night marked the return of Flipping Out, the reality show that ostensibly about renovating homes - but is clearly about star Jeff's obsessive compulsions and the kooky staff who are simultaneously nutcases and saints to put up with him. To mark a fourth round of the bonkers that's to come, I present you with the top five craziest moments from last night's premiere: To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now