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Monday, Oct 16 Star Wars Rebels (12:30 AM on DisneyXD ) Science fiction cartoon Season 4 is the last season for this incredibly successful animated show that has had among its stars: David Oyelowo, Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray, and Freddie Prinze Jr. Set between Episode III and Episode IV , the rebels really shouldn’t stand a chance in the Ghost, a mere freighter starship. However, despite the power of the Empire and all of its weapons, the rebels somehow manage to survive. The animation is exceptional - the special effects are everything those of us who have loved Star Wars since we were kids could want. The plots have been innovative with great character development and our assorted crew doing everything they can to attack the Empire whenever and wherever they spot an opportunity. With empathetic voice actors making their characters seem so real, Star Wars Rebels is a compelling, thrilling watch. In Season 3’s finale, Thrawn did everything he could to destroy the Ghost, the Rebels and the Bendu. Although there were heavy rebel casualties and deaths, Tallus escaped Thrawn’s clutches and Sabine and Ezra destroyed the Empire’s Interdictor. Ultimately, Kanan states that despite their losses, "There’s a future for us, one where we’re all free, but it’s up to us to make it happen." Season 4 is going to be more somber, as everything is at stake. The action increases even more, meaning our rebels will have a hard, tough fight to win not just each individual battle, but the war itself. Freedom is what they want; freedom is what they deserve. Travelers (9:00 PM on Showcase ) Science fiction Imagine being one of the few humans left alive in the future and discovering that you have an opportunity to go back in time and stop humanity from being (almost completely) wiped out. Would you become a Traveler? Being a Traveler is not an easy job but it’s a great premise for a show. Travelers have access to historical death records and in the seconds before death occurs they inhabit that person’s body and keep them alive. Then, the Traveler must overcome the problem of being his/her self whilst in someone else’s body and life. Maintaining their cover is essential, they must behave exactly as the person whose life they took over, learning as much as they can about them. This isn’t easy, to say the least and missteps do occur. Especially as there are people determined to hunt down Travelers and stop them from saving humanity. The cast are excellent in their roles; it’s an ensemble piece for sure but Eric McCormack is outstanding as FBI agent McLaren. The characters are diverse; amongst them is a single mom, a young man with a drug problem, a learning disabled young woman and a teenager. In last season’s finale, while Grace was seriously hurt and bleeding on the ground, The Director was trying to make his way to the present day. Just as McLaren attempted to destroy the Quantum Frame, FBI agents raced into the building to stop him. Who succeeded, McLaren or The Director? The season 2 premiere finds each of our Travelers in a dire situation. We learn that Traveler cells are being caught and tortured all over the world, so has The Director returned? One thing is certain - our team are in for a fight to save not only their lives but humanity itself. Tuesday, Oct. 17 Loudermilk (10:30 PM on Audience Network ) Comedy Pilot. The joy of this show is that Sam Loudermilk is the group member in need of most help: his life is complete chaos. As head counselor of a recovering alcoholics’ and substance abuse group, he grimaces his way through just about every scene where he has to counsel people in need. He doesn’t intend to be mean or cruel, he just tells it as he sees it, and has a complete lack of interpersonal skills. Plus his stream-of-consciousness comments make this anti-hero extremely funny, especially as the joke is always on him. This role is perfect for Livingston, who excels in playing the laid-back, always awkward-looking Loudermilk; his comic timing is finally in its perfect setting, and the assorted cast of group members and friends are well thought-out, with great backstories and quips galore. Sam soon comes to realize that he is a bigger mess than any of the people he counsels. Watch and laugh! Wednesday, Oct. 18 Freakish (on Hulu ) Horror/Science fiction In season 1, after hearing there’s been a breach at the local chemical plant and that they must not inhale the toxic air outside, a small group of high school kids descend to the basement of their school, which is part bunker, part food storage and has water access. Unfortunately, a mysterious fever starts to spread amongst them and that isn’t the only problem. The water is cut off from outside, and strange ‘infected people’ have found them and are staring through the glass doors, trying to get inside. Season 2 has our survivors carrying axes and kicking ass almost as well as Buffy and Angel ever did, but with axes, knives and science-class-made flamethrowers. This season looks even more intense as some new teens, who’ve been hiding in a pharmacy, are brought back to the bunker by Grover. There’s also the problem of scientists from the chemical plant performing strange autopsies on the dead and not acting too friendly towards the survivors. Not to mention Freaks at every single exit. Is there any way out for this group who have battled so hard to stay alive? Friday, Oct. 20 Haters Back Off (on Netflix ) Comedy In Season 1, Miranda desperately wants to be famous and has her own YouTube channel, but she’s so lacking in talent that she has very few followers. That is, until one day when one of her uploads goes viral and suddenly all that she has dreamed of has sort-of-well-not-really come true. Season 2 finds Miranda being encouraged by her enthusiastic yet clueless Uncle Jim to head for Broadway to become a legend. Miranda’s estranged father returns and soon the entire family is caught up in helping Miranda’s dreams come to fruition. Superstition (10:00 PM on Syfy ) Pilot. Paranormal/Gothic Horror/Demonic possession. This is the first African-American led paranormal/horror show: Mario Van Peebles writes, produces, directs, and acts in this project that has received a straight-to-series 13 episode order. The cast is stellar, with W. Earl Brown, Morgana Van Peebles, Diamond Dallas Page, Brad James, and T.C. Carter to name just a few of the actors involved. There’s a lot for us horror fans to get excited about as the Hastings family run the town of La Rochelle’s only funeral home and elevated graveyard. Yes, you read that right, an elevated graveyard! When they’re not embalming, they’re cleansing haunted houses, documenting and keeping this small town’s dark secrets, and fighting Infernals, a type of demon/monster that cause terror for all the townsfolk. Coming back to town every now and then is something called The Dredge = The Big Bad. I can’t wait for this show to air! Sunday, Oct. 22 The Walking Dead (9:00 PM on AMC ) Zombie horror comic book adaptation The 100th episode is here and ooh, it looks so good! Rick and the group are back, finally! Unfortunately for our heroes, and us viewers, so is Negan. For all of us, hating everyone who is ‘Negan’ and what they stand for is now a major part of the show. Thankfully, in last season’s finale, Carol returned to join Rick, Daryl and all of our favorite characters as they decided the only way to be rid of Negan is to declare war. In this 8th season we get to see that decision play out between our team and Negan’s gang. Will the battles last all season? For multiple seasons? Will Negan ever be killed? The show doesn’t mind occasionally taking a different approach from the comic books, meaning that for all of us watching at home, nothing is certain - except that we need to prepare to cry as we lose more fan favorites, shriek as humans consciously and deliberately behave worse than the most vicious brain-dead Walkers, and howl as each episode leaves us with a cliffhanger that we’ll have to wait a week to see resolved! The one thing I will say about season 8 is that King Ezekial’s tiger will play a major role - hopefully munching happily on Lucille as though she were a chew toy, after doing exactly the same to Lucille’s owner! #TeamRick Graves (10:00 PM on Epix ) Comedy Ever Googled your own name? Former President Richard Graves does just that and discovers his two-term presidency, 25 years ago, is still beloved by those in his party but not regarded well by anyone else. He finds articles accurately describing the terrible impact that many of the bills he scuppered (such as cutting cancer research) have had on the nation. Discovering his time in the Oval has not has not been the huge success he believed it to be, Graves sets out to right his wrongs. However, this negatively impacts his type A wife, the former First Lady who’s setting out to run for a seat in the Senate. His daughter, the beloved First Daughter of the nation, leaves her philandering Rockefeller husband, then gets pregnant out of wedlock. Life in the Graves household is never dull, that’s for sure. In last season’s finale, his adoring aide, Isaiah, was shot whilst saving President Graves from an assassin and season 2 begins hours after, with Nick Nolte standing over Isaiah. However, is Isaiah dead or alive? How is Margaret Graves’ run for the Senate going? How is Liv’s pregnancy progressing? Will the President’s son ever stop shouting and swearing on his talk show? Watch out for Glenn Beck’s cameo. This is a fun, relevant and well put together show that has a perfect ensemble cast, with the always excellent Nick Nolte playing a truly repentant former President who is now trying to live mindfully, although his approach to remedying all his wrongs can, at best, be described as hapless. Expect a lot of swearing and a truly epic soundtrack.

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Weekend Binge Guide: November 2016

Have the weekend free? Going out is overrated! Binge-­watch one of these shows instead:   If you want to laugh:   High Maintenance See all reviews for High Maintenance One of my low-key faves of the fall, this show came out of nowhere to earn my love. Much more fully formed than the typical first-season TV show (thanks to three years as a popular web series), High Maintenance 's six half-hour episodes are clever, funny, and stimulating. Created by the married duo of Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld (an Emmy-winning casting director for 30 Rock ), who wrote, directed, and appear in these new episodes, the show follows a nameless pot dealer as he makes his deliveries. The premise is tight, allowing viewers to get to know "The Guy" while also opening up a diverse mix of storylines by segueing into the lives of his customers. Among the standouts are Oscar nominee Amy Ryan, Inside Amy Schumer scene-stealer Greta Lee, and Orange is the New Black 's Yael Stone. If you don't find yourself completely smitten with the show by the time you finish her episode, there's no hope for you.   If you want to cry:   My So-Called Life See all reviews for My So-Called Life "Go now. Go." Those three words from the first few seconds of My So-Called Life 's (excellent) theme song instantly give me goosebumps. Just a couple of years younger than the characters, I was right in the short-lived ABC drama's target demo, living for each update on the impossibly tortured life of Angela Chase. Revisiting the series as an adult is bizarre. Like any 22-year-old TV show, it is dated. (The vests!) But the emotions and issues faced by teens then and now are essentially the same. For those who missed it, My So-Called Life follows teens navigating friendship, romance, and family life. It was heralded for its realism, for creating TV's first openly gay teen character, and for drawing a multidimensional portrait of parents. Perhaps most importantly, the series introduced the world to Claire Danes and Jared Leto. If you admire (or mock) Danes' Homeland crying face, this is where it all began.   If you want to scream:   Freakish See all reviews for  Freakish In a small town with a large chemical plant, containment drills are no big deal. But when a motley crew of athletes, do-gooders, and students stuck in Saturday detention try to leave their school's fallout shelter, they learn that this was no drill. Some insist on leaving anyway, only to return with a newfound taste for human flesh. That's right, y'all. It's Degrassi: Zombie Class . Obviously, this show is not going to help Hulu win any awards, but it's a fun and fresh take on the zombie genre, mixing legitimately creepy supernatural elements with the "it goes there" style the Canadian teen drama is known for. Each episode includes at least one revelation that deepens the story. Interestingly, the cast includes both traditional actors — like Tyler Chase ( The Walking Dead ) and Mary Mouser ( Scandal ) — and "digital influencers," including Vine (RIP) "superstar" Hayes Grier. Yup, you just may get to see a social media star ripped to pieces!   If you want to think:   Black Mirror, Season 3 See all reviews for  Black Mirror A Twilight Zone for the tech-obsessed, this acclaimed sci-fi anthology is sometimes hide-under-the-blanket creepy, sometimes too-real scary, and sometimes mind-bendingly thought-provoking. And this third season is its best yet. Directed by Joe Wright ( Atonement ) and co-written by Rashida Jones, the first episode takes on our smartphone obsession and ratings culture. Imagine a world where every interaction you have with someone, from a barista to your annoying brother, is rateable, and where earning five stars is your chief driver. Not that far-fetched, right? That's what makes the episode truly frightening. Bryce Dallas Howard nails her role as the needy Lacie. Also beautifully cast is Episode 4, about a fun-loving beach town and a lovely relationship between Mackenzie Davis ( Halt and Catch Fire ) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw ( Belle ). It's surprisingly uplifting for Black Mirror , but as gripping as any of the series' best episodes. p { text­align: justify; }