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Frequency Season 1 Episode 13 Review: “Signal Loss”

Coming off of last week’s disappointing installment, I wasn’t sure what to expect from tonight’s Frequency finale. Now that it had been revealed that Robbie was actually the real Nightingale Killer, would Raimy’s current reality remain intact, and would she and Frank be able to discover the truth and stop him? Plus, how was the show going to resolve its other storylines, such as Raimy’s engagement to Daniel, Satch and Frank’s friendship, and Stan’s corrupt ways? The answer: with the best episode of the series. READ MORE...

'Frequency' Season 1 Finale Recap: Frank and Raimy Continue to Fight Fate

On the season 1 finale of Frequency , "Signal Loss," a ghost from the past causes Raimy to question if she and Frank missed something in the Nightingale case. Later, father and daughter learn the killer's real identity.   Not only does Raimy have her life back, but things are different for those around her as well. Julie graduated med school and became a doctor, and stay-at-home dad, Gordo, followed in his dad's footsteps and is a lawyer. Satch is also still happily married to wife, Leah. ...Read More... //

Frequency Finale Recap: One Last Confrontation With the Nightingale

Raimy and Frank prepare for one more confrontation with the serial killer theyve been chasing all season, in the Season 1 finale of Frequency. As the CWs cross-time communication show wraps up its first season, Raimy (Peyton List) in 2016 had just discovered her mom Julie (Devin Kelley) had returned, meaning that at some point in the past, her father Frank (Riley Smith) had managed to put a stop to the Nightingale, the serial killer who had taken Julies life in the original timeline. The cross-time father-daughter duo thought it was because they put the Nightingale behind bars, but as we discovered last week, the real serial killer is actually his son Robbie, who still walks free. ...Read More... //

Frequency Season 1 Episode 12 Review: “Harmonic”

Building a show on a season-long murder case can be difficult, as we’ve seen with series like The Killing or even in something like FOX’s adaptation of the British series Broadchurch, which the network titled Gracepoint, and that’s in large part due to the inherent problem of red herrings, which these shows need to have in order to last 10 or 13 episodes. For the most part, Frequency has avoided the pitfall of having too many red herring suspects; even though Raimy initially believed that Thomas Goff was the Nightingale Killer during the first three episodes of this season, her suspicion of him quickly faded, and we didn’t get another prime candidate until Deacon Joe came around. Over the past few episodes, we’ve been led to believe that Deacon Joe is the Nightingale Killer and that he carried out the murders of these women by himself for over 20 years; however, if you are like me and know how TV shows work and began to see how repetitive the Deacon Joe storyline was getting, you had to know that Frequency was going to throw a major twist at its viewers, which it does in "Harmonic" with the reveal that Robby, Joe’s son, is actually the real Nightingale Killer. READ MORE...

'Frequency' Recap: Who Takes Down the Nightingale First?

On this episode of Frequency , "Harmonic," Raimy questions Robbie, Meghan gives Raimy information that leads to some damning evidence against the Deacon and Frank is investigated by Internal Affairs.   With Deacon Joe arrested for robbery, Frank uses the opportunity to talk to Joe. Frank tells Joe he knows who he is, what he's done and even what he's going to do. Frank gives the Deacon an ultimatum: he can confess to being the Nightingale, or he can walk, and Frank will hunt him down and kill him. Frank also reveals to Joe that he's the one who kidnapped him.  ...Read More... //

'Frequency' Recap: Will Frank Kill the Nightingale?

In this episode of Frequency , "Negative Copy," Frank's plans to kill Joe Hurley hit several snags (and he begins to question if he should follow through), Raimy faces the consequences for her actions and a decision by Frank changes the course of Raimy's life once again.   Raimy gets the satisfaction of shooting and killing the Nightingale Killer, convinced that therewill be no repercussions since Frankmurders Joe Hurley in 1996. But Frank runs into a bit of trouble when his car gets sideswiped by a drunk driver, and Hurley is able to escape from the trunk. ...Read More... //

Frequency Season 1 Episode 9 Review: “Gray Line”

After nine episodes of investigating, Raimy and Frank finally discover the Nightingale Killer’s true identity in this week’s Frequency. Even though I said last week that I didn’t think the killer would be Deacon Joe, simply because I felt the show would want to leave us hanging until the penultimate episode of Season 1 to reveal who the serial murderer was, it turns out that the seemingly kind-hearted, religious figure is the man behind all of these brutal killings, and I’m more than satisfied with that answer. As I’ve mentioned before in these reviews, the serial killer storyline is not the major draw to Frequency for me; of course, I want to see Raimy and Frank rescue Julie from the Nightingale, but their connection with each other, along with their personal journeys, has always been what hooks me into this show. Whether we’re watching Raimy try to live a full life in a world she hardly recognizes or Frank attempt to piece his marriage and family back together, there’s plenty of compelling, emotional drama to be found on Frequency. Not to mention, Peyton List and Riley Smith have been pretty damn superb throughout the entire first season of the show; even when the writing has failed them, they deliver. READ MORE...

Frequency Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “Interference”

This week’s Frequency was not only the show’s strongest episode yet but also its most eventful. There were major developments not only in the Nightingale case but also in Raimy and Frank’s personal lives, as the two of them try to balance family, friends, and work and find the best way to navigate this brand new world they’re living in, where time travel exists and the future is no longer certain. Instead of doing a full-fledged review of "Interference," I’m going to do something a little bit different and focus in on the biggest, most important moments or sequences from this episode and try to speculate and what these developments will mean for Frequency and its characters as the show heads into its final five episodes of the season (and potentially of the series). READ MORE...

'Frequency' Recap: Frank and Raimy Search for a Mystery Woman

On this episode of Frequency , "Interference," as Raimy and Frank look into Larissa Abbott's past, they uncover more clues that could lead to the Nightingale. Frank and Julie don't know how to move forward.   Satch and Raimy receive DNA confirmation that Larissa Abbott was the Nightingale's first victim. They wonder what the connection between Larissa and the killer was. Her brother threw away his sister's stuff in 2001 which leads Raimy to ask Frank to try and take a look back in 1996. The only problem is her family doesn't know she's dead yet and won't for another five years. Raimy warns her dad he can't say anything. Their best bet is for her to work the leads in 2016 so they don't change the course of history. If Raimy can find the Nightingale, he'll never see Frank coming.   ...Read More... //

Frequency Season 1 Episode 7 Review: “Break, Break, Break”

For the first six episodes of Frequency, Raimy and Frank have been at the center of all the show’s actions; everything has been seen through the eyes of the two Sullivans. However, "Break, Break, Break" changes that up a bit, giving Satch much more of a substantial role throughout the hour, as we learn how he transformed from the warmer, more thoughtful detective he was in 1996 into the hardened cop he is now in 2016. Frequency doesn’t completely turn its focus away from Raimy and Frank; the two of them are still integral to the major stories told within this episode. But Satch is certainly the star of the hour, and he serves as an example of what can happen to both Raimy and Frank if they let their jobs completely overtake the rest of their lives. READ MORE...