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GENERATOR REX “Written In Sand” Review

GENERATOR  REX  "Written In Sand" Episode 33 – This is more like it! While I actually enjoyed the last few episodes of  Generator Rex , it was about time we got to some serious plot development . Tonight’s episode was a spark  that set the story in motion once again. Rex and Van Kleiss forming a temporary truce to survive the nanite draining cavern was a set up that’s been done in a number of other series , but it’s always cool to see the primary protagonist and the main antagonist team up to fight a common enemy. In this situation, they’re like the ultimate odd couple, with Rex and Van Kleiss bickering practically the entire time they were together, yet somehow seeming to get along. The  Generator Rex  sense of humor that I like so much totally worked here and there were a ton of great moments from their conversations and physical gags that made me laugh out loud. Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Without a Paddle” Review

GENERATOR  REX  "Without a Paddle" Episode 32 – Once again this episode of  Generator Rex stands alone and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with any major storyline. As much as I really want to get back into the meat of the story with Rex and Van Kleiss, this episode had me cracking up so I’m letting it slide… again. It seemed like Rex was dropped into some kind of crazy sports or game Anime tonight instead of your normal  Generator Rex  episode. Rex becomes the "trump card" student transfer so I appreciated Noah’s super fast explanation of the entire process of getting Rex transferred into Benjamin Franklin High School for a week and signing him up for classes as if it was a simple thing to do. In a lot of Anime, you get the whole school idolizing the number one fill-in-the-blank-team player and with his transfer into the table tennis club, Rex automatically took up that position. He had screaming girls rushing around him and kissing him on the face (making him blush!) and football  players bending over backwards to ensure a win for the school. I’ve never seen a school so excited about table tennis, but in any case, it was nice to see Rex enjoying  a somewhat normal school life. I liked seeing him be excited about normal things like classes and tests  that the average high school student might think of as boring. Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Moonlighting” Review

GENERATOR REX  "Moonlighting" Episode 31 – This was a pretty silly episode of  Generator Rex  and while it really did nothing to further any sort  of season-long story arc, it was a simple and enjoyable episode. Rombauer and Lansky’s little EVO fighting business sets up an opportunity to see all the ways the EVO problem has become a regular annoyance to the average person in  Generator Rex . I loved their stupid and awkward commercial  shoots and the opening contrast between Rex’s regular style of "EVOabatement " versus their daily methods was pretty funny. That old lady must release some kind of EVOtransforming  pheromone because every time we’ve seen her in earlier episodes and in this episode, she leaves a trail of unexpected EVO destruction in her wake. Maybe Providence should investigate her, or use her as a lure to locate  hidden EVOs because they seem to be drawn to her. Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Haunted” Review

GENERATOR  REX  "Haunted" Episode  30 – In this week’s episode of  Generator Rex , Rex consults with his brother, Caesar, to come up with a scheme to get Claire and Annie snuggled up to him and Noah on a double date. They decide to set up a fake haunted house  that would make Rex and Noah look like tough guys but what they end up getting, is a giant invisible EVO and two girls that are fascinated by Caesar’s scientific abilities instead. Caesar is a crack up and the more he talks, the more normal he makes Rex look. I love his character and I’m happy that he seems to be part of the regular crew now. His dialogue is wonderfully written to really make him seem like an oblivious science freak, but he’s so smart and funny when he does it, that he’s also totally cool. Most of the gibberish coming out of his mouth makes little sense to the average non-science geek, but you can feel his excitement every time he talks about anything scientific and it’s contageous. Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Outpost” Review

GENERATOR REX  "Outpost" Episode 29 – This week’s episode of  Generator Rex  sends Rex and Bobo on a mission to work with Providence in the Amazon to stop the Green Fist organization from releasing captured EVOs. There was a nice dose of humor sprinkled throughout this episode. I liked Agent Martello’s casual attitude and even though he was simply using Bobo’s official agent name , I laughed every time Martello called him "Agent Haha." I also liked Rex’s interaction with the townsfolk in the bar. The local specialty, Horchata Anejo made of rice passed through the digestive system  of a monkey, sounded absolutely disgusting, but it sure was funny watching Rex try to drink it and then explosively spit it out. The local townspeople in that bar all seemed unusually strong but maybe it’s because they all drink that horchata. Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Mixed Signals” Review

GENERATOR  REX  "Mixed Signals" Episode 28 – Recently it seems like  Generator Rex  has been putting in a little extra work into filling in the blanks in the pasts of our protagonists. Last week we got some background  on Six and this week, we get a whole lot of information about Rex thanks to the unexpected appearance of his brother, Caesar. After seeing visions of a machine from a nanite point of view, Rex loses control of his body which automatically produces the pieces for assembly. It turns out his brother, Caesar, had been sending signals to the Omega 1 Nanite to cause it to build a device to track down it’s location. Not knowing that the Omega 1 Nanite had been injected into Rex’s bloodstream and had merged with his DNA, Caesar ends up tracking down his brother as well. Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Divide By Six” Review

GENERATOR  REX  "Divide By Six" Episode  27 – This episode of  Generator Rex  provided some much needed background  and development for one of the coolest characters on the show, Six. We find out that the character is called Six because he is the sixth most dangerous person in the world and that there are 5 individuals ranked above him. Five, is a pink haired girl with a guitar and strange accent that I think is supposed to be some kind of cockney, although it sometimes sounded Australian or South African depending on what she was saying – so I have no idea where she’s actually supposed to be from. The fourth  ranked person is known as IV and he’s covered head to toe in bandages and recovering from a lost pinky finger. Tre, is the third most dangerous person in the world and I’m gathering he might hold a similar ranking for the dumbest person in the world. He’s got brute strength and despite the differences in physical appearance, he reminded me of Boomhauer from King of The Hill since I couldn’t understand most of the words that were coming out of his mouth. Dos, is from Spain and funnily enough, he somehow resembles the Dos Equis man in appearance and speech . He’s the second most dangerous man in the world, but based on how bored the rest of the team was during his stories on the plane, he’s probably not the second most interesting man in the world. Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Lost Weekend” Review

GENERATOR REX "Lost Weekend" Episode 24 – This week’s episode of Generator Rex starts off strong thanks to Rex’s classic brand of humor. This playful sense of humor loads every scene with a contagious energy that undoubtedly pushes this series to the top of my favorites in the Cartoon Network lineup right now. In the middle of a battle with an out of control E.V.O., Rex gets an invitation from his old friend, Sqwydd to head out to an underground party in the middle of the desert. He and Bobo wrap things up as quickly as possible and begin making plans to get out of town. White Knight interrupts their packing to give them an assignment – to go to that same party in the middle of the desert. I couldn’t help but laugh when Rex starts complaining about a third person being sent on their mission, expecting stiff Six to ruin all their fun. It makes it all the funnier watching Rex’s expression drop as he sees Kenwyn Jones walk through the door, prompting him to ask, "is it too late to get Six instead?" Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Waste Land” Review

GENERATOR REX "Waste Land" Episode 23 – On a mission to recover a set of nuclear reactor cores from a research ship, Rex and Six encounter an advanced civilization of marine EVO. Setting Generator Rex underwater for a full episode presented Rex with a whole new set of challenges using his abilities, but it made for a fun and different experience. The episode started off a little slow and when they first encounter Serg, the intelligent squid like EVO that’s running the show in the underwater paradise, the environmental talk is a little heavy handed. Once the action picks up, the pacing also hits a more natural stride. Rex has so much fun wherever he goes that it’s difficult to avoid getting sucked into his energy and this episode of Generator Rex was no exception. Read More... //

GENERATOR REX “Rampage” Review

GENERATOR REX "Rampage" Episode 22 – The second season of Generator Rex starts off with a quick recap of the events of the first season, explaining how all the powers in the series work as well as covering the current status of Rex’s still developing abilities and the reconstruction of Providence. For anyone watching Generator Rex for the first time, it lets you jump right into the second season without feeling lost or wasting any time. While Rex’s home base is under construction, he and Bobo are couch surfing with his friend, Noah. Rex sitting on the couch fully engrossed in Telenovas is such a great little touch to his character and I love the banter between Noah and Rex as well as Noah’s reaction to the totally disgusting accidental ingestion of a Bobo toenail. Read More... //