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The Grammy Awards - or Grammys - are presented annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States for outstanding achievements in the record industry. The awards ceremony features performances by prominent artists, and some of the more prominent Grammy Awards are presented in a widely-viewed televised ceremony. The Grammys are considered the highest music honor, the U.S. record industry's equivalent to the Academy Awards (Oscars) for motion pictures.
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by scotwotContributor
Feb 11, 2017 7:36PM EST

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For the February 2017 59th Grammy Awards.
Five stars because during all the awards and fun, the Grammys will also be honoring music legends. My beloved George Michael and the genius that was Prince. I was too young to be that aware of Wham but wow, when he started his solo career I was all in. That beautiful, mellifluous voice of his, his cheeky sense of humor, the fact that in concert you felt George was talking just to you. I still cannot comprehend that we lost George Michael on Christmas Day and I know that the grief I feel is felt by millions around the world.His last live album, Symphonica at the Palais Garnier (he and the orchestra rehearsed for a full year) was nothing short of sublime. His voice was in perfect form (when did you ever hear him not sing well!?!) and his producing and editing skills were shown off to perfection.

Prince in concert was visually and acoustically stunning, I remember being astonished at how casually he played the guitar and man, those were difficult riffs. All those costume Friends of mine stayed up all night trying to work out the drum sequence of just one of his songs, it was that complicated (they still haven't managed it!). He is and will always be remembered as an artist, not only a musician and I believe, just my opinion, that also applies to George Michael.

Losing George Michael at Christmas is still raw, overwhelming and my heart aches. But, he would want the special tribute to him to be about fun, not tears. Prince was also intensely private, I don't know what he would have wanted but I hope that the Grammys and the singers/performers pay both artists the respect they earned throughout their lifetimes.

I loved and will miss them both.

Both artists were superb lyricists, I never fail to well up when I hear 'My Mother had a Brother' and I love 'When Doves Cry' different songs, both exceptional, like their lyricists.

We lost so many musicians and singers over the past year and it seems, from previews, that they will be honored together, with Prince and George Michael receiving separate tributes.

James Corden (Smithy!!!). George was his first carpool Karaoke and if you haven't seen it then get thee to a video site to watch the two of them have so much fun for the UK's Comic Relief. It's sheer brilliance. I guess this will be a fun yet bittersweet night for James Corden as he admired George Michael so much.

Too long a review, the show isn't even on yet but I only had a very short sentence to describe how I felt for the sentence you'll see on the right side of the page over the next week. George Michael became such a huge part of this girl's life and his music and lyrics impacted on me so much that I wrote only about him. ♥ ♥

I'll update this, just for myself really, after the show.



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Feb 13, 2017 4:09PM EST

scotwot I give 5 stars for this review, I saw just a few highlights of the " Grammy awards night show" , so far, and I totally agree about George Michael ! He was my inspiration too!!!

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Feb 15, 2017 1:30PM EST

Oh, thank you so much, pepepapa, that is very kind of you!

I haven't seen most of the show, yet, but I did see the incredible performance Beyonce gave - I mean, wow!

Plus, I saw Bruno Mars - I thought the tribute to Prince was fabulous.

I felt so sad for Adele, she's so lovely and heartfelt and that takes such strength to just say, "I need to stop, I need to do this right." I felt so sorry for her as it was obviously such a hard performance in terms of emotion. IFastlove sung slow was not something I liked or thought represented him that well (he wrote so many beautiful ballads, why not use one of them instead of a catchy pop song?) but her soaring vocals did make it into something different. Maybe it was a song of his that she loved?

So glad she got a standing ovation, as she really deserved it. At least we got to see George Michael in the background in videos and photos, although we had been led to believe by the music press that we'd have a bigger tribute.

Another thing we have in common, pepepapa, great taste in singers! At least we still have his music and dvd's to keep the memories alive. ♥

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