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‘Gypsy’ Review: Naomi Watts Elevates Netflix’s New Psychological Drama Series

In Sam Taylor-Johnson‘s excellent debut feature, Nowhere Boy, she took on a familiar subject: the late John Lennon. What she decided to focus on about Lennon, however, was unique. Starting in his teenage years, she probed how sex and the thrill of performance drove the young musician, right as he was meeting the other young men who would start The Beatles. As written by Matt Greenhaigh, who also wrote the Ian Curtis biopic Control with a distinct focus on intimate desires over professional gains, John was the showman whereas George and Paul were the musical die-hards that focused on compositions. Lennon’s sexual desires were depicted as his primary driving force, stirring him to make the most of his meager talents (at the time) and those of his new, far more technically skilled bandmates. READ MORE...

Review: Gypsy and the Problem of Well-Made Bad TV

This Netflix drama, starring Naomi Watts as a woman leading a double life, is an example of how competence alone doesnt make a series worth watching. ...Read More...

Gypsy Review: Naomi Watts Talents Wasted In Derivative Netflix Drama

There is a lot of teasing in Netflix 's June 30-launching Gypsy , but ultimately the Naomi Watts -starring series is a non-thrilling exercise in temptation and betrayal that goes nowhere and doesnt get there particularly fast. Created by newcomer Lisa Rubin and partially directed by Fifty Shades Of Grey helmer Sam Taylor-Johnson, the 10-episode first season stumbles most noticeably in its near total waste of the Oscar-nominated Watts skills and talent. As I say in my ...Read More... //

Netflix's Gypsy Goes Nowhere, Slowly

Twin Peaks aside, this has not been a great month for Naomi Watts projects.  ...Read More... //