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'Hellcats' Series Finale: 'I'm Sick Y'all'

It seems like just yesterday we were being introduced to the Hellcats crew of Lancer University, and Tuesday night our favorite cheer team closed out the season and the series for good. (ICYMI, The CW canceled the show yesterday.) Of course, the entire season was centered around going to nationals, and the finale kicked off with lots of sweat, sport bras and strep throat! The Hellcats are plagued with a nasty bug and suddenly finds themselves with just enough members to compete. All the healthy cheerleaders are required to slumber party in the gym, and Marti thinks this is a great time to invite her half-sister Deirdre to hang out. Savannah comes on too strong when Marti introduces her, Deirdre freaks out and starts playing guitar with Travis Guthrie (why was he there? I have no idea!) and tells Marti the whole cheer thing is a pathetic scene. Marti calls out her bad attitude then invites Deirdre to be her guest to nationals. Surprisingly, Deirdre agrees. Read More... //

Hellcats Review: Farewell Hellcats, It Was Nice Knowing You!

It’s that time of year again; when season finales air and networks announce their new fall schedules. Sadly for Hellcats fans, today just wasn’t our day. The freshman series aired their first and only finale, as well as dropping the bomb that the Tom Welling produced show will not return next year.  As disappointing as this news is, we still have a new episode to discuss. So wipe your tears and let’s get to it. With hopes of a second season, Hellcats didn’t get the proper ending viewers hoped for. Somethings were left in the air and some people were seriously missed.   Read More... //

Hellcats Review: "Land of 1,000 Dances"

Playing off the success of last week’s "Warped Sister," Hellcats returned with another solid episode brewing with hookups and scandals. Some things hit right on the spot, others were MIA. Let’s dig in and discuss "Land of 1,000 Dances". Julian drops a bomb. I knew he had to be too good to be true. No one is that good looking and dripping in all the qualities women want without some skeletons in the closet. After abruptly canceling dinner with Marti, she goes to find out what the deal is. Turns out my new personal favorite lawyer has a daughter and an ex-wife. Sort of. Legally separated, divorce pending. Whatever...still a major secret. Not that Julian needed to tell Marti this information at this point. Just last week they were sneaking around and they hadn’t even had their first official date yet when she found out. Unless something is still going on, no use getting upset now. In the wise words of Wanda, "You are too pretty to waste." That goes for the both of them, especially Marti in that little black dress. PS. The two hooking up at the end = HOT. Read More... //

Hellcats Review: "Warped Sister"

So it looks like Hellcats has finally found it’s footing. After a season’s best episode last week, the rookie series returned with "Warped Sister", an overflowing hour of new secrets, hook-ups and even an arrest. Time to dig in. The New Love Triangle - Well who didn’t see this coming? With Emily returning to Lancer, Red & Vanessa knew they were in for some trouble. Now on top of the football program issues, Red is dealing with an ex who isn’t over him. Derrick’s exit made it so easy for the rekindled couple that throwing another person in the mix can only make for some fun. Read More... //

'Hellcats' Recap: 'Before I Was Caught'

Out with the old, in with the new seemed to be the theme of Tuesday night's "Hellcats." Of course, no episode can start without an ab-flashing dance routine practice in the gym. The Hellcats show off their breast cancer benefit routine for the new head of athletics, Dean Laverne. Although they appreciate the support and interest, the dean seems to like the routine a little too much. His pervy eyes and description of the routine as "tasty dance moves" are kind of creepy for my taste, but then again it's just a TV show. Post perving-out, Dean Laverne turns on Vanessa and begins grilling her about her relationship with Red and information about Red's ex-wife Emily. Completely caught off guard, Vanessa sputters out a few sentences about not knowing much and asks why the interest. Well, turns out the NCAA has Lancer University under the microscope for their recent shady activity, scandal and staff turnover. It just so happens Emily is the head lawyer for the NCAA and is out to get Red. Why? Well wouldn't you know…when Red was married to Emily when he cheated on her with Vanessa. Burn. Read More... //

Hellcats Review: "Before I Was Caught"

Finally. This is the Hellcats I have been waiting for all season. After a so-so episode last week, the freshman series returned with an installment filled with scandals, surprises, and secrets. Let’s discuss. Hello Emily! Girl knows how to make an entrance. Red’s ex-wife showed up on the scene and wasted no time making her ex and Vanessa uncomfortable. I love these two together and having Emily back in the picture can only make for some more drama. I wouldn’t mind seeing how the couple’s relationship folded out years ago. Vanessa is right though, Em wants to bury them. Read More... //

'Hellcats' Recap: 'I Woke Up Dead'

Blood! Gore! Zombies! After six long weeks of missing out favorite cheer team, the Hellcats dusted off their pom-poms and sis-boom-bah'd their way back into our hearts by helping Dan with his Lancer film school submission. Nothing says, "I'm serious about film making," more than having Marti eaten by a crew of zombies and the rest of the Hellcats fighting them off with a fancy dance routine and guns. Right? But we'll get to that in a sec. First things first. Last time we checked in with Marti she was desperate to find out who her dad really was. Post-zombie bloodbath, Marti hops on her trusty bike headed for the guitar shop with picks she found in her dad's suitcase. She hopes she'll find any tiny bit of information about him. At the shop she meets Dierdra (played by AJ Michalka—yes Aly's real life sister), a space cadet of a store clerk. Read More... //

Hellcats Review: "Woke Up Dead"

Oh Hellcats, it is good to have you back; even if it means you are dressed up as zombies.  Hellcats returned from a six week hiatus with "Woke Up Dead". The latest installment featured some development in Marti’s understanding of her father, Alice being mischievous, and of course, Dan’s zombie flick. Let’s dig in. Marti & Her Family Drama. Turns out that Marti’s dad, Rex, didn’t die like Wanda had said he did. I can’t say I blame Wanda for what she did; she was trying to protect her daughter from a dangerous situation. It’s not her fault Rex never came back home. Read More... //

Hellcats Advance Review - "Woke Up Dead"

The  Hellcats  are back and not much of the big story we left off with was even an afterthought.  I suppose they've decided it's time to move on from the scandal. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. We did revisit Dan's entry into  film school. He used the Hellcats squad for his entry film, a fun take on a popular genre of today - Zombies! Marti was zombified and Savannah a republican hero against the walking dead. The way they've slowly brought Dan into the group and into Lancer made his story all the more compelling. I loved that everyone was willing to help with his dream to get into film school, as he had assisted with their dreams of competitions in the past. They had a damned good time doing it, too. Read More... //

Hellcats 1.17 "Don't Make Promises" (You Can't Keep) Review

Starting an episode of Hellcats with a squad practice is always a great way to start the show. Get the energy pumpin', if you will. And it worked! Woke me right up. Am I the only one who didn't realize Travis was living with Wanda? There is definitely an age difference there, but putting Travis with Wanda might be kind of interesting and give Gail O'Grady more of a storyline. She's a great choice for Marti's mom, but is definitely underused in Hellcats . The song Travis was playing was a children's song (I hope) written by Marti's dad. I thought it was silly, but maybe there was just something about it that struck a chord with Marti's DNA, because that's when she found out her father was a musician. It seems so incredibly callous for Wanda not to have shared that with Marti, knowing how much music means to her, regardless of how their own relationship might have ended. Read More... //