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Mondays, 9:00 PM ET on HGTV

60 minutes

A married couple help newcomers to their hometown of Laurel, Miss., find and renovate a home.
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Dec 31, 2018 8:19PM EST

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There are a lot of home renovation shows, but this one takes it to another level and pulls at the heart strings by the end of every episode. Not every episode is a gem, but I like the focus on the buyer instead of purely a reno show with greed as the motivation. I skipped the two episodes with pastors as the buyers, apparantly Missisippi is a christian programming state but they thankfully don't overly focus on religion. They even had two buyers that were black, which I thought was quite enlightened of two amazingly white people from Missisippi.

They don't overly focus on the renovations and instead it is more a show about making the renovations fit the home buyer. I would love to have these experts redo my home.

Unlike a lot of the reno shows, this is NOT a flip it show. The buyers come to the renovation expert couple and they help them find the perfect run-down house in this old town missisippi area that is a snap shot of the by-gone american dream. After the home buyers buy the house they like, the renovation couple steps in and revamps the place adding truely special features for the buyers. Great show.

Its odd that there seems to be a glut of incredibly inexpensive homes, but I guess this little town is becoming left behind and its a great place to buy an old home cheap and fix it up.

Apparantly, men are required to have a beards in Missisippi. Its the law.

UPDATE: I had to downgrade this rating due to five (5) religious pastors being home buyers and acting weird on the show. One of the pastors in season 2 looked soo weird and kept talking about wanting to be alone after his sermons. I wondered if maybe he was planning on bringing young alter boys to his new house. It was creepy. And this greaseball of a hick in one of the season 2 shows lies to his 5-year-old-like wife about how he did the renovation work himself. There is a reason all these homes are cheap, no one wants to live in Missisippi with all the pedophiles and hicks.


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