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Final Episode of "Imaginary Mary" to Air Tuesday, May 30 on ABC

Said installment marks the last of the nine produced episodes. ...Read More... //

American Crime, Dr. Ken, Secrets & Lies and Imaginary Mary All Canceled by ABC

Mickey Mouse probably isnt whistling joyfully behind a boat steering wheel right about now: Disneys ABC just canceled American Crime, Dr. Ken, Secrets & Lies and Imaginary Mary. American Crime (pictured above) made it three seasons, which were good enough to produce a pair of Emmy Awards for Regina King. Unfortunately, the Nielsen numbers didnt see as much success. Dr. Ken and Secrets & Lies both lasted just two years; Mary barely made it one.On Wednesday, the broadcast network chopped Tim Allens Last Man Standing , which was on the air for six seasons. ...Read More... //

Cancellation Buzz: Which TV Shows Are Still in Danger?

Batten down the hatches, y’all. This week may be a rough one for fans of shows that are on the renewal bubble. Just a week ahead of the broadcast networks’ upfront presentations, TV execs are (finally) announcing the fates of their series. Just today, The CW officially axed No Tomorrow and Frequency . Expect more as the week progresses. Here’s a look at the broadcast network series that are most at risk: ● Very doubtful: Conviction , ABC - In November, the network announced that it would not increase the drama's episode order beyond the initial 13. Notorious , ABC - The show's episode order was reduced from 13 to 10 way back in October. The Odd Couple , CBS - For the third consecutive season, CBS decided not to order more than the initially requested 13 episodes. Training Day , CBS - Even before Bill Paxton's death, this show was an unlikely renewal. Pure Genius , CBS - The network in November decided not to order additional episodes of the medical drama. Scream Queens , FOX - He may be the king of FX, but Ryan Murphy's horror-comedy seems destined for FOX's morgue. Powerless , NBC - Officially pulled from the schedule, it's all but canceled. ● Outlook not so good: The Catch , ABC - With Still Star-Crossed finally about to premiere, execs may be ready to say no to Shonda Rhimes. American Crime , ABC - It's earned the network a few Emmys, but it’s also ABC's worst-rated show. Imaginary Mary , ABC - Jenna Elfman may want to imagine this never happened. The Toy Box , ABC - Kids are supposed to make TV shows cuter, right? Quantico , ABC - Ratings have been dropping pretty consistently this season. Secrets and Lies , ABC - ABC execs admitted in January that this was among the "less likely" series to return. The Real O’Neals , ABC - A quality show that fits right in among ABC's family sitcoms, but viewers just aren't tuning in. Hunted , CBS - A pretty buzzless show, ratings plummeted by season's end. Ransom , CBS - Likely to be a last-minute decision for the network. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders , CBS - Among the worst-reviewed shows of 2016 and a consistent under-performer. Code Black , CBS - See show title. APB , FOX - The show ticked up a bit in its season finale, but it's probably not enough. The Exorcist , FOX - Many critics came around on the show as it progressed, but the ratings never did. Rosewood , FOX - After a pretty serious sophomore slump, the network shifted the show to Friday, where it's also floundered. Sleepy Hollow , FOX - A shock renewal last season, it's time is probably up. Making History , FOX - A serious long shot, despite fairly solid reviews. The Blacklist: Redemption , NBC - The original series is in decent shape, but this one was DOA. Blindspot , NBC - Ever since the second half of Season 1, this has been an very shaky ground. First Dates , NBC - Outside of her talk show, (executive producer) Ellen DeGeneres actually has a pretty bad track record. ● Cannot predict now: Dr. Ken , ABC - About as much of a tossup as there is for ABC. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , ABC - This one could go either way. Once Upon a Time , ABC - Ratings are at an all-time low and Jennifer Morrison has decided to leave at the end of this season. Elementary , CBS - Always on the bubble, creator Rob Doherty has said he's optimistic. 2 Broke Girls , CBS - Kind of a surprise not to have been part of the network's big renewal earlier this spring. The Great Indoors , CBS - The ratings may be slightly inflated because of its usual lead-in, The Big Bang Theory , but it’s still odd that this show's fate is up in the air. Son of Zorn , FOX - A creative premise, but this animated series never really took off. Still, it has a shot. Last Man on Earth , FOX - Will Forte recently got real, tweeting that the show is "on a serious bubble." Timeless , NBC - This got off to a good start following The Voice in the fall, but lost steam without the strong lead-in. Trial & Error , NBC - A clever show with talented performers, this comedy is not making much noise. To stay on top of renewal and cancellation news during this busy pre-upfronts week, check out our Cancellation Buzz page .

Imaginary Mary': Why a Grown Woman Has an Imaginary Friend

(Spoilers ahead for the March 29 premiere of ABCsImaginary Mary) Sure, its not unusual for children to have an imaginary friend, but for a grown established woman in her 30s? Its just kind of weird. On ABCs new comedy series Imaginary Mary, Alices (Jenna Elfman) long gone or so we thought imaginary friend, Mary, comes back into her life to try and stop her from further pursuing a pretty serious relationship. So why would her fictitious childhood friend try to sabotage a seemingly perfectly good relationship? ...Read More... //

Imaginary Mary Stars Have No Interest in Having Their Own Imaginary Friends, Thank You Very Much

Their new ABC comedy Imaginary Mary may be all about the sudden resurgence of one woman's childhood imaginary friend, but stars Jenna Elfman and Stephen Schneider are more than happy leaving...   ...Read More... //

'Imaginary Mary': How the Look of the CG Title Character Evolved

The Oscar-winning director of Disney animated short 'Feast' designed Jenna Elfman's new friend. ...Read More... //

Imaginary Mary: How Mary's CGI Friend Came to Life (And Got a Lot Cuter)

ABCs Imaginary Mary is trying something new: adding an animated CGI character to the cast of a live-action series. And like a lot of Hollywood stars, that CGI character went through a few nips and tucks on the way to primetime. In the new midseason comedy (debuting this Wednesday at 8:30/7:30c), Jenna Elfman stars as [] //

Get a First Look at ABC's Cute Romantic Comedy Imaginary Mary

  Imaginary Mary puts a new spin on the "successful single who has it all figured out except in love" trope by adding a cute, furry little monster into the mix. The ABC comedy, which premieres Wednesday, March 29, stars Jenna Elfman as Alice, the owner of a PR company who enters a whole new world when ...Read More... //

Imaginary Mary: When TV Network Comedy & Animation Mix TCA

When your co-star is a CGI character on a comedy series, you want to make sure the casting is just right. Were not talking Rachel Dratch who is the voice of Mary, the imaginary friend to Jenna Elfman s Alice on ABC s upcoming Imaginary Mary . Dratch is the voiceover. Were talking the actual cartoon character and its taken the creators some time to get it right. At one point in time, Elfman was testing higher than Mary. So the EPs of Imaginary Mary made the cartoon more ...Read More... //

Imaginary Mary Is Not About a Woman Having a Nervous Breakdown

  Imaginary Mary is a new ABC sitcom starring Jenna Elfman as Alice, an independent woman who falls in love with a man with three kids. Suddenly, she finds herself stepping into the unexpected role of stepmother just as her imaginary childhood friend, Mary (voiced by Rachel Dratch ), returns to help her ...Read More... //