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'In the Flesh' season finale react: With life comes death

Did  In the Flesh  seriously just end like that? How could they do this to us? They tore a beloved character away from us and then left the door hanging wide open for a possible (but unconfirmed) series 3. In the final episode of the second series, we find out where Simon’s loyalties lie, how deep Kieren’s love for his family runs and just how truly psychotic Maxine really is. Let’s get down to the dirty deets. Read More... //

‘In The Flesh’ react: Simon wigs out and Kieren goes au naturel

We’ve said it once, and we’ll keep saying it — this show is brilliant. Every episode of  In The Flesh  unravels a new mystery and keeps us on the edge of our futons (hey, we haven’t been out of college  that  long). In this episode we find out exactly what’s going on with Amy and her reactions to the PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) treatments, what Simon’s “prophet” expects him to do with his boyfriend, and that Maxine’s landlord may have secrets about the First Risen. Let’s get right down to the dirty deets! Read More... //

'In the Flesh' react: The First Risen is revealed

In The Flesh  just took things to a whole other level. Not only does this show shock us and pull on our heartstrings with each episode, but it’s a reflection and a dissection of a multitude of important issues that plague our society today. It resonates with the audience on a level that no other show we have ever watched has. It might just be the most important show on TV right now. OK, we’re done gushing. In this episode, Amy pretends to get wasted, fake-Amy gets rounded up, and the identity of the First Risen is finally revealed. Let’s get down to the dirty deets. Read More... //

'In the Flesh' react: Kieren goes to a rave, and Jem's worst day ever

Oh, for the love of goat brains! Things are getting tense in Roarton in episode 2 of season 2. With Maxine implementing a new program in town, Kieren’s plans to move to the City of Lights are halted. Jem has an especially bad day at school and Amy finally goes to see a doctor about her shaky hands. Let’s get down to the dirty deets. Paris gets put on hold:  Kieren bids adieu to his family and heads to the train station to start his new life in Paris. Amy manages to catch up with him and tries to convince him to stay by telling him that no matter where he goes, he’ll have to wear makeup and contacts. Moral of the story: You can’t run from who you are. Read More... //

'In the Flesh' season premiere react: Newbs shake things up in Roarton

In the Flesh , the highly acclaimed show from across the pond, returned this weekend with a bang. We’re back in Roarton with Kieren Walker, the zombie. Oops! We mean, “person suffering from Partially Dead Syndrome” (PDS). He’s struggling to find his place among the living and blend in, and the return of a certain someone doesn’t exactly help. Let’s get right down to the dirty deets. Read More... //

In The Flesh's Season Finale Breaks Our Hearts Yet Again

I'm increasingly convinced that In the Flesh is a nefarious plot to make me cry about zombies. But when the season finale wasn't tugging on our tear ducts, it was steering the direction of the show in an intriguing new direction.   Read More...   //

In the Flesh Series 2 Episode 6 Review

As an argument for why BBC Three should survive, this second series of  In the Flesh  was a triumph. Keeping those elements that got it noticed in the first place but improving on those things that weren’t quite right last year, this six-episode run has been a wonderful demonstration of what YA horror/fantasy should be – with depictions of death and intolerance, love, relationships, and brief glimpses of a better future all mixed in with fashionable zombies (the genre, not the actual zombies) and an uncomfortable look at modern-day Britain. The countless properties that have failed at this proves how hard it is to get right, but  In the Flesh  has happened upon something quite special – the perfect time and subject matter alongside a brilliant cast and a television schedule almost completely unpopulated by quality dramas aimed at the young.  Skins and  Misfits  are long gone, as is BBC Three’s similarly unloved, yet absolutely brilliant  The Fades  – this is a show that needs to survive, and having it cut down due to its channel’s budget being taken away would be a crying shame. Read More... //

In the Flesh Series 2 Episode 5 Review

Even if next week’s finale of  In the Flesh  turns out to be terrible, this fifth instalment in the second series pretty much justifies the extended episode order all by itself. Packed full of everything that makes this show so special in the first place, episode five gives us backstory, character development, plenty of near-deaths and a great lead-in to next week’s final episode. Maxine might be the designated villain of series two, but the best new addition by far has been Simon, who this week finally gets a storyline of his own, albeit in flashback. Sometimes this approach can backfire for shows but here, with the reveal of his importance to the public PDS approach and subsequent rejection from his family nicely paralleling with Kieron’s own journey, it works brilliantly. Read More... //

In the Flesh Series 2 Episode 4 Review

Last week  In the Flesh  made steps to expand its universe beyond Kieran, Amy and the Walker family, introducing other experiences born of the rising and deepening is exploration of what it all means in the process. This week, it essentially does the same thing, though this time with Philip – a character that’s been hanging around since the beginning but one who we’ve had very little idea about until now. And, a penchant for PDS brothels aside, Philip may turn out to be one of this series’ heroes. We’re now officially past the point in which the first series of  In the Flesh  had wrapped up its story, and it’s easy to see why BBC3 saw fit to double the episode count this time around. We all knew there was much more to tell, which is why the first run of episodes felt so unfinished, but they’ve seriously upped their game here. For a show with only six hours to tell its story to build to a finale with this much depth and suspense, while also taking time to explore supporting characters like Philip is a marvel. Read More... //

In the Flesh Series 2 Episode 2 Review

There’s no getting out. Just as Kieran began daydreaming about a life away from stifling Roarton on  In the Flesh , the idea is taken away and replaced with the prospect of endless community service, introduced by the government as a way to, presumably, curb the dangerously high levels of resentment among the living and keep the partially deceased in check. He’s in this fight for the long haul and, with the refusal of the ticket officer to let Kieran board an outgoing train, the sense of claustrophobia has really set in. Dreary, inescapable small towns are British television’s bread and butter, but its feels particularly apt here. Read More... //