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Insecure Season Finale Recap: Same Ol Mistakes

Issa learns that love isnt always enough.  ...Read More... //

Insecure Season 2 Finale Recap: Choices Carry in 'Hella Perspective'

Insecure on Sunday ushered Issa and Molly into the Season 2 finale the same way it sent them into the premiere: at a crossroads. Off Issas epic argument with her ex Lawrence last week, she and, for that matter, he once again was left evaluating the state of their breakup. And, in the [] //

Insecure Recap: Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

Welcome to the dinner party from hell.   ...Read More... //

Insecure Recap: Sexplosion

Issa and Molly hit new lows.   ...Read More... //

Insecure Recap: Handle With Care

Getting dickmatized is dangerous.   ...Read More... //

Insecure Recap: Kiss Grind

Lawrence, Molly, and Issa each take a loss in different ways.   ...Read More... //

Insecure Recap: Go for It

Issa is learning that single life can hold embarrassment and loneliness, too.   ...Read More... //

Insecure Recap: Moving On

Im not dirty like that. Sure, Lawrence. Suuure.   ...Read More... //

First Impressions of HBOs Insecure Season 2 Premiere

The second season of HBOs Insecure premiered on July 23, 2017 and the first episode hit the ground running. If you havent tuned in yet, youre missing out. The comedy gives us a combination of lighthearted humor surrounding the struggles and victories of everyday life for two young L.A. women of African-American heritage. The plot centers around their friendship, their jobs and their love lives. The first season was amazing and from what we can see, the second season is moving ahead with great momentum. Our first impressions of season 2, from the premiere lead us to predict that the   ...Read More... //

Insecure Season Premiere Recap: Why Are You Still Single?

Issa Rae is back!   ...Read More... //