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Jane By Design Review: It's You

"It's you" takes on a whole new life in the Jane By Design season finale. Those words were uttered by Billy to Jane at the fashion show in the spring finale , but he then covered up their true meaning to her. Their love connection was missed, but their friendship remained strong. In the school play, Billy declared, "It's you." on stage to Cinderella played by Zoe. In that moment, Jane saw the truth, only it was too late. Billy had already given himself to Zoe and Jane couldn't acknowledge that she reciprocated his earlier declaration. Read More.. //

Jane by Design 1.18 "The Bonus Check" Review

The defacto series finale is one of the toughest things to pull off in television. You have to try and stay true to the plot that you've unspooled over the season while offering enough finality to make the possible ending of the show not sting as much. If you leave enough plot points hanging, you might come off as arrogant or insensitive to the ratings situation the show is in; if you bring about too many happy endings, it can feel unearned and make the storytelling suffer as a result, particularly since things will have to get messy again should there be a renewal. It's the tighest of tight ropes for bubble shows like Jane by Design and one false move and you're falling into the abyss known as not being able to stick the landing. Read More... //

Jane By Design Season 1 Finale Recap: “The Bonus Check”

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Jane Quimby has been able to keep her two worlds a secret for an entire season. She’s balanced one life in high school and one in high fashion and all while managing to travel into New York City and back to her suburban school in under 30 minutes. Her traffic-defying abilities are to be commended, but even more impressive is how the Jane By Design Season 1 finale was able to cover so much territory in so little time. At the end... //

Jane's Best Fashion Moments From 'Jane by Design' Season 1

Jane's Top 10 fashion choices from season one of 'Jane by Design'. //

Jane By Design Review: Home Alone

Being left home alone is the dream of all teenagers, right? Jane not only has a kick-ass job, attends school, but then is left on her own to play. And, in " The Sleepover " we find out that means ice cream, horror movies and all-nighters with her best friend, Billy. Not only is Jane hiding her age from work, and her job from school, now she is hiding the fact that she is living alone. That means easily lying to Ben, but the real threat is from Rita. Given Jane's commitment to school and work, she couldn't get into much trouble and didn't unless you count the messy house. But, when Billy suggests that they throw a party, Jane is all for it. That had disaster written all over it. Read More... //

Jane By Design Recap Season 1 Episode 17: “The Sleepover”

With an episode title like "The Sleepover" you know we’ve been setting our DVRs to watch and rewatch this week’s Jane By Design. And as much as the scandalous promo reminded us of an episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, this week started off very spooky, Pretty Little Liars style. Ben’s off becoming a baseball star and Jane’s mom is off because Teri Hatcher probably had other obligations this week. So our fashionista is home alone just like... //

Jane by Design 1.17 "The Sleepover" Review

One of the main criticisms that I've had about Jane by Design is that it can veer into becoming cliche through the overuse of false danger and cliche 80s movie-esque sequences. The show is very lighthearted and arguably the "feel good-iest" feel good drama on the air right now, so you don't expect the type of tension, edge, and pathos that you'd find in, say, a more adult drama on premium cable. However, to see the same tropes trotted out over and over can get a bit frustrating, especially when the show has proven that it doesn't have to rely on stuff like that in order to be compelling. It has all the elements to make the leap in quality that it's been edging toward during the back-half of the season, but time and time again, it falls back on old habits. Read More... //

Jane By Design Review: Second Chances and Sacrifices

If you were given a second chance would you take it? Would you make a sacrifice to give that opportunity to someone you care about? Those were the questions that were answered on " The Back Up Dress " Ever since Jane's mother returned, it was only a matter of time before Kate left again. In this instance, she didn't run away from responsibility and commitment, she ran towards it. As much as Jane needs her mother, Jane did the right thing by letting her mom go. Her mother was given the chance to find true happiness with Dakota, plus she wasn't abandoning Jane this time. Kate has succeeded where she failed before. Her and Jane should continue to have a healthy, though long distance, mother-daughter relationship. Read More... //

Jane By Design Recap Season 1 Episode 16: “The Backup Dress”

Any episode of Jane By Design that starts with Gray telling Jane not to screw something up is sure to end in disaster, so we were excited when Jane was forced to "make it work" with Nina Garcia’s one-of-a-kind dress this week. This predictable plotline just happened to coincide with Jane’s first date with cutie designer Eli. It’s the date we’ve barely been waiting for, and never mind that she has yet to graduate high school and he is at least in his... //

Jane by Design 1.16 "The Backup Dress" Review

If there's one lesson you can take from Jane Quimby and Jane by Design , it's that pursuing your dreams doesn't have an age limit. Jane became the woman that she always wanted to be, a stylish fashionista with a job at a leading fashion house, before she even had her high school diploma and still keeps pushing for more. It may be difficult to balance both very different halves of herself, one a normal high school student and the other one degree removed from fashion royalty, but Jane's passion for the art form and enthusiasm for the job itself have managed to keep her invested long after others would have dropped out. Or dropped dead from exhaustion. On the latest episode of Jane by Design , titled "The Backup Dress", other members of the cast got to fulfill their dreams and, like with Jane, it made for some touching moments. For instance, Kate finally decided that the time for world traveling and dabbling in every hobby imaginable was over, accepting Dakota's proposal and heading off to Colorado to grow up once and for all. The final scene between Jane and her mother was the type of genuine, warm material that Jane by Design excels in executing; you had to feel for Jane losing Kate once again, but the two are on such better terms than they were before that their goodbye didn't feel like an ending. It was the final words of one chapter in their complicated history together, the end of Jane having to always be the bigger person and the beginning of an era of equality, respect, and a stronger bond between mother and daughter. In the back-half of the season, the show has made a real effort for the characters to all grow in their own ways and Kate's journey has been open and honest without veering toward maudlin or preachy, so it was a little sad to see her go. Read More... //