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Jane By Design Season 1, Episode 12 Recap: “The Celebrity”

With a new haircut but the same attitude, Jane’s former rival India is back in a big way. The fashion-forward designer is working for Harrods and Donovan Decker needs their business. And in addition to India, Harrods has introduced a celebrity into the Donovan Decker family — Aiden Chase. But it’s clear that India is not there to make nice. Meanwhile Ben is coming on way too strong for Rita showering her with candy hearts, teddy bears, and gorilla grams ... yes, gorilla... //

Jane By Design Review: It's You or Is It?

Who did Jane pick? Her best friend, Billy? Or, her fashion mentor, Jeremy? Any chance that Nick was forgiven and she picked him? It took the full hour of " The Replacement " for us to find out how the fashion show cliffhanger was resolved. And, at least to my relief, Jane is still single. As I mentioned after " The End of the Line ," Jane and Billy are too young to give up their incredible friendship and Jeremy is too old (and the mole, don't forget!) for Jane. Read More... //

Jane By Design Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Replacement”

  When we last left Jane Quimby she was smack dab in the middle of two hotties both looking to make things a little more permanent. But like everything in Jane’s two worlds, she was clearly struggling to choose.   The three-month mid-season break left us desperate to see what our favorite tutu-wearing fashionista would do. But tonight (June 5) Jane was back and busier than ever. Since she wasn’t given the opportunity to respond to Billy’s "it’s... //

Jane by Design 1.11 "The Replacement" Review

In a lot of ways, Jane by Design is the perfect summer show. With its warm tone, cute boys, and even cuter clothes, all tied together by a charming lead performance and themes of friendship and personal growth, it tends to be a light, breezy hour of television. The show may not be dripping with tension or any real threat that Jane's double life will come crashing in on her, but for what it is, the first 10 episodes of the show made for an extremely enjoyable watching experience. And with its vibe screaming summertime, a transplant to the hot weather made for short shorts and bikini tops seemed like the perfect way for the show to really find its groove. Read More... //

'Jane By Design' summer premiere: Jane and Billy are totally meant to be

Deep down inside, you kinda knew Jane and Billy wouldn't get together on the mid-season premiere of "Jane By Design," right? As much as they belong together, such an epic moment can't be wasted in a premiere. That's a finale moment for sure -- so it wasn't too surprising that the "it's you" moment from the mid-season finale was glossed over in a brief conversation at the end of the first episode back.We're not worrying just yet, though, because it was clear from the looks on both of their faces that they're totally in love. There's still half a season to go. It'll happen eventually, we're sure.Elsewhere in the premiere, Jane had more trouble keeping her double life a secret. It seems like it's even harder now that her brother knows (especially since he's a terrible liar), but you can't have a show about a teenage girl living a double life without some awesome "get... //

Jane By Design Review: The Love Quadrangle

" The End of the Line " originally appeared to be the season finale of Jane By Design. Fortunately last week, ABC Family ordered an additional eight episodes to air this summer. Phew! With that cliffhanger on the runway, I'm glad we don't have to wait to find out whether we would get closure or not. Jane's love quadrangle came to a head in this mid-season finale. Before Jane started at Donovan Decker, she was an awkward high school student with a crush on the school jock. Through her job, she gained the confidence to date him and then the diplomacy to break up with him. Read More... //

Jane by Design “The End of the Line” Review

Oh, Jane. It seems like we just started to get to know you, but with this week’s episode, "The End of the Line,"  Jane by Design  came to its spring finale, and it will be several months before we get someanswers  to our questions, be they burning or just vaguely irritating. Everyone in the "Jane and Billy" camp should be celebrating right now, because even if he did walk into what he thought was Jane talking to Jeremy about more than just fashion , Billy at least admitted to himself and to Jane herself that he thinks of her as more than just a friend. He certainly tore Nick a new one for hooking up with Lulu and hurting Jane like he warned him never to do. Read More... //  

Jane By Design Review: Billy Chooses Jane ... Sorta

It's hard to believe that " The Getaway " was the second to last episode of Jane By Design this season. Relationships were ended, others started and big secrets revealed! How adorable was Ben? Awkward wooing isn't limited to the teenagers on this show. Ben showed how much he was willing to do to be close to Rita. He hated everything about camping, but went for her. Their kiss on the bridge may be my favorite so far, even more than any of Jane and Nick's kisses! As predicted a few episodes ago, Lulu forced Billy to choose between her and Jane. The whole canoe scenario was a little contrived, but it served a purpose. He was honest. Why wouldn't Billy would choose his best friend who has always been there for him over Lulu who wouldn't even leave a party to support him? Hmm ... his choice was no surprise! Read More... //

Jane by Design “The Getaway” Review

It was inevitable that Jane’s secret life would eventually come to someone’s attention, but I honestly didn’t imagine it would happen so soon, and I definitely didn’t think that her derpy brother would be the one to figure it out. But in last night’s episode of  Jane by Design , "The Getaway ," Ben took a good look at all the pieces and while he hasn’t totally solved the puzzle, he awfully close. I suppose we can blame India. Thanks to her jealous belief that Jane was interested in Jeremy, she manipulated Gray into sending Jane with her to LA on the pretense of scouting new locations for Donovan/Decker boutiques , with the ultimate goal of keeping Jane and Jeremy apart. But Jane’s weekend plans were all about Nick and a school-sponsored camping  trip. Instead of cuddling under the stars  with her baseball cutie, Jane ended up on a private jet  to California in order to keep an eye on India. Read More... //  

Jane By Design Review: Everyone Loves Nachos

For those of you that have been wanting the guys to get more screen time, " The Wedding Dress " was your episode. Lots of Billy, Nick and Jeremy to go around! Even though Billy was meeting up with Nick because Jane asked him to (does he ever tell her "no?"), it was a blast to see him away from her. We have seen him interact with Lulu, his brother, and even Ben, but always in limited ways. Billy and Nick on the surface are from different worlds, but Nick's mention that Billy doesn't know the whole story leads me to wonder, what is Nick's story? Of all people, Billy should know that the the outside appearance isn't the person. Didn't he learn anything from his "transformation." That mystery is for another day. Read More... //