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Kell on Earth: Kelly Cutrone Shows Softer Side

Kelly Cutrone has made a name for herself on TV ripping fashionistas apart on reality hits The Hills and The City. Cutrone, however, has an important message for viewers expecting more of the same on her new Bravo series, Kell on Earth. "I'm not infallible!" says the 44-year-old fashion publicist. "People are going to be really surprised when they see me on the show get fired by a client because I think they think I'm infallible." Kell on Earth, premiering Monday at 10/9c, dives much deeper in the world of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port's former boss. Viewers will not only see Cutrone lose a client but the behind-the-scenes success and struggles of her fashion publicity firm, People's Revolution. Filming captures the firm's work at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week as well as the staff behind it. Kell on Earth's other cast members include her new assistant Andrew, the recently promoted Stephanie and Cutrone's high-powered partners, Emily and Robyn. "The pacing on Kell on Earth is very, very, very fast, it's very hand-held and it's very documentary," she says. "It's an hour so we have a lot to do." In comparison to her MTV stomping grounds, the cameras also show - dare we say - Cutrone's softer side, as her personal life, including her 7-year-old daughter, Ava, play an equally large role. "It's a completely different thing," she says of the difference between the shows. "It's kind of like what's the difference between Coldplay and Christina Aguilera? They're both great artists, it's just different kinds of music." For Cutrone, the change is a welcome one. "I'm a communicator and a storyteller so when I got the opportunity to tell more than one story, I was excited to do that," she says. To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Feb. 1, 2010 - Featured

* House (8/7c Fox) The Super Bowl's coming up Sunday, so it's only fitting that this week's medical puzzle comes with cleats, shoulder pads and a disease that will kill him unless the team figures out what's wrong. But the big news involves Foreman, who was last seen arriving at some sort of detente with Thirteen. Good thing, because he'll have new personal issues to face when his jailbird brother (Orlando Jones) shows up at the hospital. Meanwhile, House and Wilson are playing pranks on each other. * One Tree Hill (8/7c The CW ) This episode pays tribute to the late, great John Hughes with story lines inspired by his films: Haley has more than 16 candles on her cake, but her birthday is still forgotten; Jamie is left home alone; and a stranded Nathan and Clay may have to resort to taking planes, trains and automobiles to get home. Meanwhile, Julian reflects on his dorky teen years as he watches Brooke at an '80s dance with Alexander. While there's no Saturday detention, the episode is called "Don't You Forget About Me." * BET Honors (9/8c BET) Gabrielle Union is back to host the third installment of BET's feel-good awards show, which pays tribute to successful black luminaries. This year's recipients are Whitney Houston, Keith L. Black, Queen Latifah, Diddy and Dr. Ruth J. Simmons. The evening also features a slew of performances, including one from last year's Entertainment award recipient, Mary J. Blige. * CSI: Miami (10/9c CBS) Anthony Michael Hall guest-stars as a convicted killer on death row who is awaiting execution for murdering his wife and daughter 15 years ago. But just before his date with the needle, he's given a 24-hour reprieve due to new evidence that throws doubt on his guilt. The CSIs hurriedly get to work to prove whether he is innocent or deserves to die. And they get some much-needed help from an old friend - Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez). * Kell on Earth (10/9c Bravo ) Bravo's fashion line of style-themed unscripted shows - including Launch My Line, Make Me a Supermodel and The Rachel Zoe Project - receives a new look. The passion for fashion continues with a new reality series that narrates the life and work of high-powered fashion public-relations maven Kelly Cutrone (reality fans know her from MTV's The Hills and The City), who tries to manage her PR agency while being a single mother. In the premiere, Kelly rushes to organize shows for two high-profile clients at Fashion Week, but a computer glitch causes nasty problems. Source Here