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'Kell on Earth': Now taking your final(e) verdicts Episode 8

I just tested my Kell IQ on Bravo''s website, and I'm disappointed to report that I am 'level: intern.' Okay, maybe 'disappointed' is a bit much. I can't give much credence to a test that considers 'intern' a quotient. Thus, I am not crushed. But as someone who's watched this season of Kell on Earth, I was surprised that I retained so little of the obscure knowledge I was fed. I think that can be attributed to that fact that I don't use much of my (actual) IQ to watch Kell on Earth. (Admittedly, I like to ration those precious points.) The show is far from being Lost - I watch Kell with one eye and one ear. Barely.Even after watching the season, I can't decide whether I have at all been enriched (even by reality TV show standards) by what I've seen on the show. Most Bravo shows give me a little something to digest (save anything with the word Housewives in the title), be it a competition to invest in or a peek at the type of millionaires I will not be marrying for money (thanks, Patti Stranger). And I'm on the fence as to what I have gained from Kell in 8 episodes. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Kell on Earth' recap: Andrew Serrano, gone too soon!

kell-on-earthLast night's episode of Bravo's Kell on Earth ended on a very sad note: The lovable, bronzed, Ativan-carrying Andrew Serrano quit People's Revolution! After he managed to escape the hell of NY fashion week - two other employees (quick recap: Stephanie Vorhees and Elide) did not - endured regular demoralization from his boss Robyn, and made it through a four-day bout sans tanning, I thought things were safe for Britney Spears' No. 1 fan. But alas, the stress, long hours, and lack of Vitamin D were just too much for Andrew S. And with that, his short trip to California turned into a permanent stay. Tear! To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Kell On Earth': Big girls cry outside Episode 5

On this episode of "Kell on Earth," the People's Revolution is back together again after the senior team's London trip and the loss of Elide and Stephanie Vorhees, but things are still a bit rocky. Kelly's European-type relationship We join Kelly and her baby daddy as they wake up from their night of lovin' and she rushes off to their last show at London Fashion Week for designer Jeremy Scott. It's a Flintstones-themed fashion show and I'm diggin' it. Kelly and the crew are responsible for all aspects of the show. They even play security guard protecting one-of-a-kind bags Jeremy makes for those who sit in the front rows! That's full-service for yah! The fashion show starts with Kelly at the helm and it goes without a hitch. After the Jeremy Scott show, Kelly and the crew go to check out some of the designers who are showing during the week by their client, The British Fashion Council. As Kelly is walking by, a designer calls her over to get advice on her jewelry designs. That designer should be careful what she asks for. Kelly basically rearranged her table and told her to remove the stuff people could get on the street for five bucks. Ouch! Well, she asked for Kelly's advice. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now