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‘Legion’ Recap: “Chapter 8″ – Getting to Know You

It’s a testament to the narrative perspective of Noah Hawley, who returns to write the season finale of Legion for director Michael Uppendahl, that "Chapter 8″ opens with a swift but lovely and nuanced vision of what happened to Hamish Linklater‘s interrogator in the weeks and months following his, er, run-in with David (Dan Stevens). Linklater is such a perceptive and subtle a performer that we even felt waves of personality and antic inner life from his one major sequence with David in the series opener but here, they add substantively to his character, as much in his flaws as in his resolve. He pushes his family away in the wake of his burn recovery, which has left him in a Two-Face state, but boldly throws himself into his work again, in the hopes of ensnaring the all-powerful son of Charles Xavier. As it turns out, this was not his best move. READ MORE...

David Becomes the True King onLegion's Epic Season Finale

Legion has finished its first season on an even higher note than where it started, and this show started pretty damn high. The episode took its time, but it grew into a gripping, terrifying, and gorgeous hour of television. And whats more, its set up a fantastic follow-up.  ...Read More... //

Legion Season 1 Finale Recap: This Is a Turning Point for Comic Book Shows

Legion Season 1 Finale Recap: This Is a Turning Point for Comic Book Shows  ...Read More... //

Legion's Spectacular First Season Paves the Way for a New Era of Comic Book Shows

  When viewers have more than 400 scripted television shows to choose from each year, creating a series that very clearly isn't meant for everyone isn't nearly as problematic in the long run as it sounds. Broad appeal is not as important as it might have once been, especially when the show in question ... ...Read More...   //

Legion: Legion, Season 1 Finale: The Dork Side of the Moon

Despite all the surreal, spacey visuals and structure, what this episode really needed and the season in general was a little more care. ...Read More... //

'Legion' Season Finale Recap: The Shadow King Plays a Final Trump Card

Just when I thought there wouldn't be anymore twists to look forward to on this show, Legion has to go ahead and throw a curve ball. The Interrogator that we all thought was incinerated in the very first episode of the season made his triumphant return in "Chapter 7." "Chapter 8" opens with a sequence showcasing the Interrogator's survival, his reunion with his family, and his adamant wish to return to the field rather than take up desk duty. If nothing else, this guy certainly has a ton of heart and resolve. ...Read More... //

Legion Season Finale Recap: Dark Side of the Mutant

Unpredictability is one of the best things about Legion. ...Read More... //

Legion: "Chapter 7" Review

O.K., so there it is. We now have confirmation that the Devil with Yellow Eyes/Lenny is in fact the Shadow King, a.k.a. Amahl Farouk, the telepathic parasite from the X-Men comics who has plagued Professor Xavier and his mutant students over the years. And not just that, but we can also now say definitively that David Haller’s dad is in fact old Professor X himself. We even got a really cool animated sequence depicting Xavier’s battle with the Shadow King in the past! (Read more about Xavier and the Shadow King's past in the comics here.) READ MORE...

Legion Finally Reveals the Truth About the Monster in David's Head... and His Father, Too

The latest episode of Legion was full of shocking twists and startling revelations. The first, of course, was confirming the Yellow-Eyed Demons true identity (since that news had unfortunately trickled out last week) . However, we also got a Maury Povich-style You Are the Father moment that... well, lets just say ...Read More... //

'Legion' Recap: David Strikes Back Against The Shadow King

If you can say anything about Legion, say that it sets up atmospheric tension like no other. "Chapter 7" starts off with a frightened Kerry trying her best to escape the menace that is The Eye. The colors in the scene are stark crimson, dark shadows and deep red that automatically allows that discomfort to set in. The very next scene switches over to Lenny or the demon with the yellow eyes (most likely the iteration of a classic Marvel Comics villain The Shadow King) interrogating David's sister Amy. One creepy scene after another. By the such is the way of Legion which always manages to set the ambiance for the episode straight out of the gate. ...Read More... //