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Lethal Weapon Photo Preview: Tall Tales

This week finds Riggs and Murtaugh investigating the theft of a car from the impound lot that contained a massive amount of cocaine, but what's the deal with his chest pains? Could it be because Trish is the lead attorney on the case? Somehow we think it has more to do with Riggs than anything. Or maybe it was those pork bellies he ate a couple episodes back. We think it's about time Murtaugh takes a vacation. He deserves it! ...Read More...

Kevin Rahm on Lethal Weapon's Boys Club, Avery's Secret Past

Tonight Lethal Weapon gives us inside look at Captain Brooks Avery when a dark secret of his is uncovered during an investigation into the murder of a Texas Ranger. He turns to Trish for help and...we'll have to wait and see what happens. We chatted with Kevin Rahm about Avery's secret past, the fan love for Lethal Weapon, and Rahm's upcoming psychological thriller, Clinical, which drops on Netflix this Friday, the 13th. ...Read More...

Lethal Weapon Photo Preview: It's a Strike!

There's going to be plenty of intrigue on Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 11 . Riggs and Murtaugh investigate the murder of a Texas Ranger, but the real question is what is our favorite duo doing at the bowling alley? And why is Murtaugh bowling? Also during their investigation, something dark from Captain Avery's past comes to the surface. We can't even imagine what that could be. Can you? Check out the photos from "Lawmen" and speculate away! ...Read More...

Lethal Weapon Boss Previews 'Super High' Riggs in Winter Premiere Stunt

Fun fact: That insane stunt in Lethal Weapons very first episode, the one where Riggs jumps off a roof, swings over a busy street and crashes through a window into a familys living room, all with a scared woman in his arms? It was kind of an error. That stunt was maybe our craziest that [] //

Lethal Weapon Photo Preview: Back With A Bang!

I think we can safely say that Lethal Weapon fans are some of the lucky ones. Unlike many other shows, we don't have to wait until March to see our favorite show return! Yay for us! But, don't jump up and down too much since it seems that for some reason Murtaugh is being assigned to a new "temporary" partner. These photos don't really tell us anything, but all we can say is: whaaat?! It doesn't seem to last too long though, at least we hope it doesn't, as we do see Riggs and Murtaugh working together! We wonder whose idea it was to break up our favorite duo? Captain Avery?????? Bad Captain Avery! ...Read More...

Can Lethal Weapon's Grieving Riggs Move On? EP Matt Miller Weighs In

IfLethal Weapons Christmas episodemade it seem like Riggs had come to somesort of peace about his wifes death, chalk that up to wishful holiday thinking, executive producer Matt Miller says. Because when the Fox drama returns on Jan. 4 (8/7c),the grieving detectivewont have moved far past where we last saw him: obsessing about a punk [] //

Lethal Weapon Sneek Peek: Has Riggs Stumbled Upon His Wife's Killer?

From the looks of this exclusive sneak peek ofLethal Weapons holiday episode, Riggs is getting a slightly early, very nasty Christmas present. In this Thursdays installment (Fox, 8/7c), the grieving cop investigates a crime involving as Capt. Avery calls him Eddie freaking Flores, a drug cartel associate with whom Riggs had run-ins back [] //

Lethal Weapon Exclusive: Riggs Is Channeling Scrooge This Holiday

  It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but things aren't exactly merry on Lethal Weapon . On Wednesday's winter finale of the Fox series, the holidays are in full swing when Riggs ( Clayne Crawford ) and Murtaugh ( Damon Wayans ) are called to investigate the murder of a young woman that may feel  ..  Read More... //

Lethal Weapon Sneak Peek: You Don't Wanna Tick Off Trish Murtaugh

Hell hath no fury likeLethal Weapons Trish Murtaugh after shes learned a boy did her baby wrong. So even though Rogers wife comes into the precinct rather angry at the start of this exclusive clip from Wednesdays episode (Fox, 8/7c), her fury over her husband messing with their daughters boyfriend quickly turns into a wish [] //

14 Things to Know About Lethal Weapon Star Keesha Sharp as She Turns the Traditional Wife Role on Its Head

Strong women are the name of the game on TV these days, and count Keesha Sharp among the actresses ensuring that the male characters can keep it together on their toughest days. First as... ...Read More... //