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Kevin Whately interview

What do you think makes Lewis such an enduring success? Everywhere I go, people talk about the production values of Lewis. Punters notice it, they’re not stupid. I love the space in Oxford and the use of the city. It makes a huge difference, because, when it comes down to it, a lot of these cop shows are inevitably very similar. It makes such a difference to ours, having those locations and production values. How does the relationship between Hathaway and Lewis develop? We are still exploring the Hathaway relationship with Lewis. They’re developing that gradually as we did with Morse and Lewis. It still keeps me interested and we have a lot of fun doing it. I think the characters can develop more. There are some interesting guest appearances in the new series. Do you have any input on that? I don’t usually get involved with casting, but there are lots of wonderful people who still haven’t been in a Morse or Lewis film. When I’m watching television, I’ll make a note of particularly good actors who interest me. Any plans to get on the other side of the camera? No. It’s long meetings and trying to juggle 28 departments. It’s not me really; I like just focussing on the one thing. Did you give Laurence any advice when he became a father? He did well; I don’t think he was getting much sleep, but it didn’t affect him that much. He got advice from everyone, not just from me. Winston is a lovely little kid.